March 29, 2017

How to Make This Sunday Awesome!

Written By Cary Schmidt

Do you love your church? Do you help your church to thrive? Do you cooperate with your church family to make every Sunday as powerful as it can be for as many people as possible? Have you considered what you could do to make this Sunday even better?

Here are some “two-degree” shifts that you can make this week, and these little things can add up to a dramatic difference for your whole church! Even more importantly, these little shifts might make a big difference in the heart of an unbelieving guest. Take a look and consider tweaking your approach to Sunday…

Here are 15 ways to make Sunday even MORE awesome: 

1. Commit to the Lifestyle of Worship—Real love for Jesus continues all week. Live today and every day with a heart of worship. You’ll show up at church with an attitude of joy and worship.

2. Protect Sunday—Sunday is the day God resets your heart, renews your spirit, teaches you truth, and reminds you of His presence and providence. Don’t trade it away for lesser things.

3. Sleep Well Saturday—A good Saturday night’s sleep will make a wonderful difference for your heart on Sunday.

4. Pray for Sunday—Ask God to prepare your heart, help you receive His word, and ask Him to work in the heart of others as well.

5. Expect and Preempt Resistance—Have you paused to consider why Sunday is a battle? It’s spiritual! Satan doesn’t want the good work to unfold in your heart or your family’s hearts. Resist him and he will flee.

6. Arrive a Little Early—Shoot for 10-15 minutes early, get a coffee or pastry, greet a guest, enjoy some fellowship. Take it all in and let your heart heal from being beat up all week by life.

7. Consider Guests/Elderly When Parking—If you are physically able, consider parking further away to allow for our elderly and guests to more easily find closer parking spots.

8. Greet/Meet Someone—Here’s a small assignment with a big payback. Take the five minutes right before or right after service, and intentionally talk to someone you don’t know. You and that person will be glad you did!

9. Serve or Help Someone—Sundays are more wonderful when you come focused on others more than yourself. Look for someone else to bless.

10. Sit Closer to the Front—Many guests come in after the service has begun, and it will help us minister well to those guests if we work together to fill front seats first. Consider how moving closer might impact someone new coming in behind you.

11. Help the Ushers—Our awesome team of men need your help in giving guests the available seats near you. Be willing to respond to their requests.

12. Worship with Authenticity—Give Jesus your total focus in worship, and let your heart meditate on the message of the songs. Become vulnerable in singing.

13. Listen with Expectancy—Open God’s word, asking and expecting Him to teach and change you. His perfect word is a supernatural source of life-change.

14. Respond to God—God’s word always calls for a decisional response. This Sunday, pre-decide that you will have a yielded heart.

15. Invite Someone Else to “Come and See”—Sunday is most awesome when you have a friend with you. Reach out to friends this week and invite them to “come and see.” We will love them and help the gospel to be as clear as possible.

Small tweaks—big results. A church family collectively making these adjustments will make the gospel more visible, more understandable, and more believable! That’s the goal.

A healthy church is a group effort, so I hope you will personally own the challenge to make this Sunday awesome!