November 04, 2016

10 Election Week Resolutions for Bible-Believers

Written By Cary Schmidt

I know you’ve had your fill of election blogs and opinions—personally, I’ve read so many good and encouraging thoughts from godly voices.

Yet, I could not get away from the leading of God to share with you the resolutions of my heart as this week approaches. I pray you will approach this time in light of these biblical considerations:

1. The hope of my heart will not rest in an election outcome or in any candidate—my hope is entirely in Jesus Christ alone as the author and finisher of my faith.

2. The political process of a temporary kingdom will not hold one whit of emotional power over me—my emotions will not be tied to any expected election outcome, and I will rejoice in Christ regardless the outcome of an election.

3. As an American, voting is a responsibility and a privilege won by the shedding of much blood by those who fought for freedom from tyranny, therefore “not voting” is not an honorable option.

4. As a participant in a two-party system, voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning may sooth my conscience in some way, but it essentially nullifies the impact of my vote, therefore that vote is not an option.

5. As a Bible-believer, I have never had a candidate option without serious flaws, therefore I will look for the option closest to biblical principle, however “far-off” that may be; and I will confidently and with clear conscience vote against the worst policies.

6. As a believer in the sanctity of life, I cannot, in any way, stomach the idea that my vote or “lack of a vote” or “third-party vote” helped to further facilitate the horrific practices of abortion.

7. I pray and fast for my nation—not that a particular candidate will win, but that God will be glorified; and that He will extend our freedom to worship Jesus, preach the gospel, and bring many to Jesus in these last days.

8. God’s providence and absolute authority will anchor me and cause me to rest in whatever outcome God ordains, and knowing His eternal purpose will be ultimately and forever fulfilled.

9. I pray for the leaders God ordains, recognizing that no power or authority is outside the bounds of His sovereign intervention—even as He arrested the attention of pagan kings like Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus, He can jolt the heart of a present day world leader in an instant.

10. I pray for myself and other Christians that we will not be defined by our voice for politics as much as by our voice for the gospel of hope in Jesus alone; and that in these confusing times, God will give us courage, compassion, and confidence to speak His truth in love.

Bad times are hard, but bad times are good for the gospel. When God allows the false hope of people to be shaken and exposed as “thin ice,” it is then that Christians must courageously speak truth into that shaken, fragile world of confusion.

The gospel is quite powerful when it is shared with a desperate heart.