April 22, 2020

What is God Doing?

Written By Cary Schmidt

For ten years, Hezekiah lived under the threat of the Assyrian empire threatening to pillage the southern tribes of Judah. I bet he wondered “what is God doing?”

Habakkuk watched his nation deteriorate into chaos—injustice, evil, idolatry, and violence prevailed. Early in his short message, he cries out to God, “O Lord, how long will I cry for help?” In other words, “God, what are you doing right now?”

For years Joseph was a slave in Egypt, and then unjustly imprisoned. I’m sure he wondered, “what is God doing right now?”

When Abraham left home not knowing where he was going, wouldn’t he have wondered, “what is God doing right now?”

Childless Hannah. Ark-building Noah. Fearful Gideon. Hiding David. With-child Mary. Imprisoned John the Baptist. Weeping Peter. Blinded Saul. Scattered 1st century believers. Beaten Paul and Silas. Exiled John. From the beginning of God’s story to right now, His people have always had reasons to ask, “What is God doing right now?”

And the answer is always “we know” but “we don’t know.” We don’t know the immediate future, or what the path ahead will hold. We do know God, and we know He holds the future and He ordains the path ahead. 

One of my favorite parenting quotes is: “Some parents spend their parenting efforts preparing the path for their child. Successful parents focus instead on preparing their children for the path.” In other words, some parents focus solely on removing obstacles but successful parents focus on building their children.

Fortunately, our heavenly Father does both! He knows the path ahead and has specifically prepared us for it! He prepared you for the path. He is with you on the path. He knows the path. And He controls all of the outcomes of the path. 

What do we know God is doing right now?

—He is doing good things personally and universally. His big plan for the ages is unfolding. But also, His personal plan for me and you are unfolding. We can trust that one day we will celebrate like Joseph, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” (see Genesis 50:20)

—He is glorifying Himself and His gospel. People all over the world, for the first time, are accepting the gospel and turning to Christ. More than we know, God is calling hearts to Himself. (And we get to play a small part in that!)

—He is caring for His people and His church. All over the world church families are growing stronger! As a side note, I am amazed by your faith and faithfulness! Our church body is wonderfully connected, caring for, and edifying one another in love through this trial.

—He is directing our steps day by day. I like to have a plan, but some trials show us that plans are also burdens. Sometimes God releases that burden by giving us seasons we can’t plan—day-by-day times, and gifts from God. These are seasons when He essentially says, “You simply live today, and I’ll care for all other plans!” It’s kind of like being five-years-old all over again! 

—He is giving us His presence and provision. Being forced to “be still” is a gift. What stories of God’s amazing interventions we will have to tell after this is over! 

—He is strengthening relationships and families. These times remind us that our busyness is not as valuable or significant as our relationships. God’s priority is always the people He has placed into our lives, and how well we love them. 

—He is doing things in your life that only you are aware of. This is where my list becomes your “homework assignment.” Finish the list. What has God done in your life these last six weeks? What is He showing you? How has He guided you? How has He driven you deeper in faith and in Jesus?

We are all writing a story right now. For years to come, we will tell that story! Let’s make it one of faithdevotionfaithfulness, and endurance

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”—Psalm 27.14