December 11, 2008

Your Best December Ever!

Written By Cary Schmidt

Ten Ways to Have a December You Will Never Forget or Regret

Several days ago I sat down and wrote out 10 commitments I wanted to make before the Lord this month. I later shared them with our Senior Highers in our Wednesday night Bible study. Perhaps they could encourage you.

We hear the word “JOY” a lot during the Christmas season, but getting more things doesn’t produce the joy that we’re looking for. It is only in living a Christ-centered life that we discover true joy. I believe that’s partially the thinking when Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. After experiencing everything that life had to offer, Solomon concluded that it all comes back to living in the fear and for the pleasure of God. Living to please God produces a life of JOY!

With this in mind, here are ten things that could help you live to please Christ and ultimately make this December your BEST EVER!

Have a Clear Conscience With God and Men – hiding sin or living with hypocrisy is a burdensome life. There’s no greater way to live than with a clear conscience and a right heart with God and men.

Get some Rest and Restore Your Heart – Don’t waste the Christmas season by fighting with family members and watching late night TV. Restore your life by resting your body and your heart on purpose.

Spend Time on Things that Strengthen You More than Deplete You – There are two types of activity in life – that which takes away from you and that which puts into you. Choose to spend more time doing things that add to your heart for God and your healthy relationships.

Make Memories by Having Fun that Pleases God – It seems the world can only define fun in ways that dishonor God. The best fun is pure, clean, and honorable. Have plenty of it! Live December in a way that will produce a January of no regrets!

Think of Ways to Be a Blessing and Do Them – Make a list of four or five things you can do to serve someone else—maybe a family member, a neighbor, your pastor—and then act on the list.

Get Involved in Serving in Ministry in Some Way – Put your heart into the mission and purpose of your local church. Join together with your church family to make a difference.

Write Thank You Notes and Give Gifts to Your Whole Family – This isn’t about spending money. It’s about being thoughtful. Make a plan to give something, no matter how inexpensive or simple, to everyone in your family. Be more focused on what you are giving than what you are getting.

Help Your Family Around the House – This can work both ways between parents and kids. There are a ton of holiday projects you could do to be a blessing to each other.

Write Out a Plan and Goals for 2009 – Sometime during the month, give at least one full morning to God. Wake up early, read, pray, and then ask God to help you write out a plan for your new year. List your roles in life – husband, wife, parent, son, daughter, Christian, pastor, student, athlete, musician, friend, etc. Then, list the goals and commitments you would make in each role. Ask God to help you reach those goals by His grace.

Spend Time With God – In addition to that one morning, give God extra time this month. Decide to read a few books of the Bible. Read other good books. Prepare your heart spiritually for a new year of personal growth.

Simple and basic, I know. But it was a good reminder for me. Maybe it will be for you. I truly hope and pray that this will be the best December you’ve ever had! Thanks for reading!