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Overtime Rally with Michael Redd

God gave us a GREAT weekend—one of the greatest of my life! Here’s the story. A few months ago, the Lord intersected Pastor Chappell’s path with NBA basketball player Michael Redd (shooting guard for Milwaukee Bucks, NBA Allstar, and Olympic gold medalist.) It was a “chance” meeting at an airport. Michael was sitting reading his…


Announcing the SM127 Podcast for Students

We are excited to announce a new podcast flowing from the ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church—SM127 Podcast, which simply stands for Student Ministry! This podcast will be a part of the free family of resources and will be for teens. It will feature messages from our ministry events for teenagers—West Coast Baptist Teen Camps,…


Spiritual Leadership Conference 2010

Spiritual Leadership Conference 2010 wrapped up last night. God gave us a fantastic week. Today, in the midst of decompressing, I couldn’t help but sit down and journal some of the highlights of the week for me. Here’s what God used to impact me the most: 1. The Preaching. Every single message was a grand-slam…


The Road to Adulthood Gets Longer

New Data on the Growing Distance Between Youth and Adulthood The New York Times ran a fascinating article yesterday entitled “The Long Road to Adulthood Is Growing Even Longer” by Patricia Cohen. The article reinforces a growing body of research, much of which I wrote about in Life Quest: Braving Adulthood with Biblical Passion. The…

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