May 21, 2021

Lessons I’m Learning from Brady

Written By Cary Schmidt

My daughter, Haylee, is finishing her writing degree with Liberty University and works as a writer for Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee—she is gifted and insightful. She recently shared these ten lessons she’s learning from my youngest grandson, Brady, who is just over a year old. As with each grandchild, we marvel at Brady’s unique personality, sensitivity, and tender spirit. We also marvel at his strong will, passion, and determination.

When I read this list, I found it to be true and insightful… and personally needful. I hope Haylee’s thoughts will encourage you as well!

Lessons I’m Learning from Brady

Guest Post by Haylee Schmidt

1. Be selective with who you spend your time with.

2. Take it slow. If you don’t feel 100% confident walking or running, it’s okay to crawl until you feel ready.

3. Things are a much simpler when you communicate your needs without crying or getting emotional. (We are both still working on this one!)

4. But it’s also perfectly okay to cry and get emotional. Because no matter our age, we are all learning, growing, tired humans.

5. Puppies are good for the soul.

6. You’ll never stop wanting what other people have. Especially food. (Sorry @cainanphillips for always stealing your food in the name of “sharing.”)

7. Find joy in the little things.

8. It’s okay to lean on others when you’re weary and in need of rest.

9. You don’t always have to be energetic, excited, and expressive to be happy. Sometimes life’s quiet, calm moments bring the most joy.

10. Sometimes you just need a good, long nap!