March 28, 2018

How to Bring a Friend to Jesus this Easter!

Written By Cary Schmidt

Resurrection week is one of the BEST weeks of the year to bring someone to hear the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. If you live in New England, 57% of the population said they would respond positively to a FRIEND inviting them to church. How cool! That’s an amazing open door.

So, I challenge you to be intentional and strategic about bringing someone to hear about Jesus on Easter Sunday. Make Easter about more than family and your personal world. Make it focused on what matters—a Saviour who really rose again, and a lost friend who needs to “get it.”

Here are some ways YOU can BRING A FRIEND to hear the gospel this Easter…

1. Pray and Anticipate—start with BELIEF that God is moving in hearts and the gospel is still powerful to those you know. Then ask God to intersect your path with that person with whom you should speak. EXPECT Him to do so. ANTICIPATE that He will go before you and prepare a heart to respond positively to your love and kind invitation. I’ve met SEVERAL people this week who told me, “Yeah… that’s the church I’m already going to this Sunday!” God WILL go before you!

2. Consider and Contact—make a list of people you know who need Jesus—family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, acquaintances. It’s safe to ASSUME that God is working in at least ONE of those hearts. Ask God to give you wisdom and courage—then REACH OUT: cell phones, text messaging, email, Facebook, other social networking. Use these resources to invite others to Easter Sunday. (One easy way is to simply SHARE the Easter Event from the EBC Facebook page!)

3. Partner and Participate—partner with your church family in making the gospel clear. Hopefully you attend a church like EBC, where outreach is strategic, guests are welcomed, and meeting Jesus is a real possibility. Get on board with your church’s existing outreach efforts—help distribute flyers, promote online event invitations, share Facebook posts, retweet church announcements. Help host, prepare, clean, pray, and prepare for Easter Sunday. God has a way of bringing people to churches where the GOSPEL is priority and GRACE is abundant! He has a way of working in churches where His work is anticipated and expected!

Some churches will lull people to sleep with Latin. Others will ostracize visitors with formality. Others will preach a vague and confusing academic message. Still others will enjoy a day of very in-focused, self-absorbed observance. But others will prepare and preach a clear GOSPEL-CENTERED message where unbelievers will be warmly welcomed and have ample opportunity to understand and come to Jesus. Wherever you live—find that church and help get people under the sound of the gospel!

4. Serve and Sacrifice—Consider this question: In what way could I SERVE or SACRIFICE to help someone hear the gospel this weekend? Could you invite them to coffee or breakfast before church? Would you consider hosting someone for lunch after service? Could you offer someone a ride? In what way would some small gift, act of love, or gesture of self-sacrifice speak more powerfully than just a simple invitation? Your love is what will make a difference! A half-hearted, obligated witness is not compelling. Christ-like love is!

Here are the facts. Jesus rose from the dead. He will save anyone who calls upon Him. He chose you and me to help others hear of Him. And this week, people are actually planning to be in church on Sunday. Someone near you is deciding very soon what church to attend. YOUR INVITATION could be the defining difference in whether they hear Latin or English. Works or Grace. Labor or Love. Religion or Relationship.

Let them hear TRUTH! Love them enough to compel them to hear a clear salvation message!

One day, when time is ended and eternity has begun, you will look back on these opportunities with a different perspective. You will wish you had been more courageous, more confident. Then, you will be glad for every time you made any effort to help someone hear of Jesus.

Have a wonderful resurrection week—make it all about JESUS!