December 07, 2015

Because of the Gospel…

Written By Cary Schmidt

Because of the gospel…

The world can be falling apart, but my heart doesn’t have to.

The world can persecute me, but that won’t destroy me.

The world can mire down in political confusion, but I can press on in joyful clarity.

The world can despair, but my joy can remain.

The world can spite my God, but He is still my Father, friend, and Saviour.

The world can reject the truth, but I can still stand upon it.

The world can be in growing unrest, and I can grow and be at rest.

The world can put its hope in temporal “peace,” but I can enjoy unshakeable peace.

The world can clamor after false hope, but I can hold to true hope in Jesus.

The world can be filled with fear, but I can be filled with confidence in God’s promises.

The world can be a scary place, but my heart can be a joyful place.

The world can be unpredictable, but I can know where this is all going.

The world can kill me, but can be assured of eternal life.

The world can worship it’s idols, but I can worship a living Saviour.

The world can ignore truth, but I can hold to truth that holds me together.

The world can ramble in irrationality, I can stand on rational faith.

It’s all because of the gospel! Truly, the gospel is the world’s only hope.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your unspeakable gift of grace!