October 19, 2009

Making God’s Will Less Confusing

Written By Cary Schmidt

Life is complex. God’s will isn’t. In fact, at any given moment, there’s a powerful question you can ask to determine if you are in or out of His will. It’s simply this:

“Did I follow God to where I am right now?”

The Holy Spirit will instantly resonate the answer in your heart—you will know it by conscience! When you look at the circumstances and situations of your present—did you arrive here by obedience or disobedience? Did you follow God into this?

If yes, then press on! The obstacles or questions are a part of His bigger plan, and you only need to keep going forward by His grace in total faith and trust.

If no, then freeze! Don’t go another step. Look back and ask this…

“At what point did I stop following God?”

Where did you become disobedient to the Heavenly Father? As quickly as you can, get back to that point, if possible. If not possible, then immediately confess the sin and begin walking with Him obediently. As you do, start asking this question…

“God, what is the very next thing you want me to do?”

Do it. Then ask that question again. And do it. And keep asking that question and obeying. It’s in moment by moment obedience that we ultimately see God’s bigger picture come together. If you obey God in the details right now, He will clarify the bigger picture in time. Confusion over God’s will is often about disobedience. Why should God clarify His will if you’re not already doing it?

God never leads us into confusion—always out of it.

“In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.” (Psalm 71:1)