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Dealing with Dating Part 2

Helping Your Young Adult Prepare for the Future In our last post we started talking about how to deal with dating as our children grow. In the midst of a culture that is awakening sexual desires at younger and younger ages, how do we as Christian parents find the right biblical balance on this issue?…


Dealing with Dating Part 1

Helping Your Young Adult Prepare for the Future Have you noticed that our culture is trying to awaken and enlarge the desires of our young people at younger and younger ages? And it seems that parents often find themselves caught between the better judgment of their conscience and the pressure of a corrupt culture. We…


He Restoreth My Soul Volume 2

He Restoreth My Soul Volume II – Released July ’07 (Piano and Viola) Fourteen songs featuring ten hymns and four originals recorded on grand piano. This CD features solo piano with viola played by Clark Graham. The music is designed to be a Christ-honoring, relaxing background to the routines of your life. Purchase or listen…


Music Matters

Understanding and Applying the Amazing Power of Godly Music In this thought-provoking book, you will discover a biblical and encouraging perspective on the power of music and how to use it effectively in your life. You will be challenged to consider music as more than entertainment and to make wise choices that will facilitate greater…


More Father-Time

What Quality Time Together Looks Like Last month we began talking about the importance of father time—the vital heart connection that our teenagers need with Dad.  We saw that it was part of John the Baptist’s life mission— Luke 1:17, “And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn…



Turning Your Heart Back to Your Teen As our kids become teenagers in today’s society, there is no doubt that our lives become busier on every level. The busyness impacts everyone in the family. For dad, it hits with bigger bills, more financial stress, more work responsibilities, and a more demanding schedule (especially for commuters)….


Overcoming the Vacuum Effect

Making a Desperate Heart a Healthy Heart I’m not sure I can do this in one article, but I’ll try! I really need you to focus for a moment—this is a really big truth for one short article. Have you ever noticed how some teenagers (or adults for that matter) seem so passionately drawn into…


Understanding Hidden Dangers Part 4

A Four Part Series for Discerning Parents In this final segment, I want to touch on an area that I would call “passive behavioral dangers.” Perhaps these things are more warning signs of deeper dangers than dangers themselves, but either way, these things deserve our parental awareness and attention. These dangers or warning signs are…


Life Quest – Now Available in Hardback and MP3

Life Quest – Braving Adulthood with Biblical Passion This new hardback book is now available from Striving Together Publications in two formats—hardback and MP3 CD. This book addresses the challenges of embracing adult life in a culture that is trying to keep us immature and irresponsible. It addresses three primary questions over 250 and pages—what’s…


Understanding Hidden Dangers Part 3

A Four Part Series of Articles for Discerning Parents Through our last two articles we have been seeking to see what others do not or choose not to see. We’re asking the Lord to give us spiritual discernment and to enlighten the eyes of our understanding with regards to the hidden dangers our teenagers face….

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