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Implementing Your New Year Plan

The “final article” on the new year planner has become two. First—let’s discuss putting it into practice. In the next article—thoughts on developing an organizational system that works. (Click to read the first and second articles in this series.) So you’ve spent several hours or days mapping out vision, goals, projects, events, calendar, details, and…


More on Developing a New Year Planner

Thank you for responding to the article on the contents of a new year planner! Many of you have emailed and asked for the sample planner mentioned at the end of the article. In finalizing my planner the past couple days, I’ve decided to do two more articles related to planning the new year. This…


Contents of a New Year Planner

‘Tis the season for new year planning! In support of the recent Spiritual Leadership Podcast on annual planning, I thought it would be appropriate to dissect a ministry planner and give an inside glimpse of what’s included. Perhaps these thoughts will equip you in planning and preparing for a great new year of ministry. So,…


10 Ways to Renew Your Spirit

Ever get depleted? Ever reach the bottom of the barrel when it comes to spiritual energy or passion? Don’t overreact! It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing all the wrong things with your life. You’re faith is probably still alive and well. There’s no need to go AWOL.  Don’t start doubting every good decision or direction…


How to Write Readable Emails

Have you ever received an email that, at first sight, completely sent your brain into a revolt? Funny. Regardless of the message or your affection for the sender, your brain just wants to immediately hit “delete”! Why? Perhaps some basic things made the email appear to be a huge mental hurdle—long lines, huge paragraphs, and…


Why Leaders Need More Communication

WARNING: Failure to communicate frequently and effectively will bring distrust, tension, and grief in any valuable relationship. A large percentage of our problems in work, family, and ministry could be attributed to communication failures—either miscommunication or a lack of communication. Everybody has people in their lives with whom they should work at communicating more effectively…


Helpful Tools for Personal Productivity

This post is certainly not original. In fact, many of you will find it “old news,” but it comes with the spirit of “redeeming the time” and passing along good ideas—all of which are in no way original—practical tools for friends and co-laborers. So, here are a few things things that have made a difference…


Three More Huge Principles for Personal Productivity

Do you like to live “to the hilt”? Do you like to pillow your head at night exhausted, spent, but fulfilled? Do you find great enjoyment in doing the best you can with the resources and opportunities God has given you? I sure do. In a recent post we looked at three HUGE principles of…


Three Huge Principles for Personal Productivity

  A few weeks ago a pastor asked me if he could look through my leather binder. I happily sat down and showed him page by page through this veritable extension of my arm—for it pretty much goes wherever I go all the time. Thinking back, I get asked about organization, personal productivity, and balance…


Making Good Intentions Happen

Four Reasons We Fail to Accomplish Our Best Intentions As you are staring at a New Year, you’ve probably started setting some goals, making some decisions, and laying out plans. We all have a TON of good intentions. But, if you really think about it, good intentions never accomplished a thing! When it comes to…


The Five Best Productivity Books I’ve Ever Read!

Are you passionate about living a balanced life—about being a good steward of your life and time? Do you desire to get more done more effectively and yet still have family time, rest, and restoration? I sure do. I’ve tried to be a student of time and life management—to redeem the time that God gives…

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