January 07, 2021

It’s Launch Day! “Stop Trying” Is Available!

Written By Cary Schmidt

I invite you to join me in celebrating and engaging in launch day for Stop Trying—a new book that takes the reader on a journey of discovering a gospel identity and how to flourish in it. In light of the instability of our world, today is a GREAT day to start constructing a durable identity in Jesus! 

It is the prayer of my heart that God will use this book in two ways. First, that believers will be greatly strengthened in their truest identity in Jesus; and second, that unbelievers will see a clear picture of what Jesus offers them in His grace!

Here’s how to be a part:

1—Would you pray with me that God will use this book? The Gospel is the power of God to save and transform us, and I pray that God will strengthen and reach many through this project.

2—Would you consider purchasing a copy to let the book minister to you? (It’s available in print, ebook, and audio coming soon. You can get it anywhere books are sold.)

3—Would you consider leaving a short review as soon as possible? (Your honest review will help the book be seen by more people.)

4—Would you consider sharing the book, a photo of your copy, or a sharable quote on social media? Again, this will help more people come into contact with this transformational message.

5—Would you consider gifting a copy to a discouraged friend or a seeking friend? The book encourages believers, but it is also written to draw unbelievers toward a clear understanding of the Gospel.

6—Would you consider using this resource for a group study, class, or book group? It very much lends itself to group study and conversation.

7—Finally, during the day I will be giving away some copies for friends to pass along to others. Track along and participate as you can.

I shared the story of the writing of the book on a recent podcast episode of Leading in the Gospel. You can listen to that here. We are also publishing a special “launch day” episode.

You can download the table of contents and sample Chapter 1 here.

If you are a spiritual leader interested in purchasing quantities of Stop Trying for your church family, study group, or friends and family, please contact Moody Publishers Customer Service directly at (800) 678-8812. Mention my name and the discount offer. Depending upon quantity, you can receive substantial discounts. If you would like to order more than 250 copies, please reach out directly to the Retail Sales Manager, Mark Chase, at 312-329-4129.

A Shout Out of Gratitude!

Thank you to Amy Simpson (my acquisitions editor at Moody Publications) for your great friendship and partnership since our first conversation! Thank you to Paul Santhouse, Vice President at Moody Publications for your invitation into this partnership! Thank you to my gracious and godly friend and literary agent, Cynthia Ruchti (Books & Such Literary Agency) for your belief and coaching through every phase of this process! Thank you to Amanda Cleary for your exceptional editing skills and positive, humorous encouragement during those painful literary surgeries! Thank you to Ashley Torres (marketing) and Katherine Eastham (publicist) who serve at Moody and have put much energy into this day. Thank you to the launch team who have pre-read the book over the last two months. Thank you to friends, family, and so many others who have encouraged me through this wonderful open door.

It was a joy to obey the Lord in the development of this book, and now it is in His hands to do with as He will. We send it into the world with prayers and hope for true transformation in the lives of those who read it.