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Done—Free eBook in Chinese, Spanish, Romanian

The Free eBook – DONE – is Now Available in Chinese and Spanish


Thanks to the help of a wonderful team of burdened volunteers, the minibook DONE is now available as a free eBook in Chines, Spanish, and Romanian. The Spanish version, “HECHO” is also available in printed form through Striving Together Publications.

The Chinese version was translated and placed in parallel with the English—something we thought might encourage a Chinese person to read it. Many Chinese desire to learn and practice English.

These three eBooks present the gospel in Chinese, Spanish, and Romanian with many Bible verses. This eBook contains a clear explanation of God’s plan of salvation.

Perhaps  you know of someone (a friend or missionary) who could use these resources. Please tell them to use them freely. They can be downloaded and passed on from the links below. Please pray that God will bless these resources and use them to bring souls to Christ.

If you have a story about how the Lord has used DONE, consider sharing it below.

Done in Chinese

Done in Spanish

Done in Romanian

Done – English

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  • Hi there, Bro. Cary Schmidt. I’ve heard a lot about you, mainly through our ex-college sponsor at Heritage Baptist Church and now missionary on deputation, Jacques van Rooyen during his preaching anecdotes. Just wanted to share a wonderful joy with you about a salvation decision from Done, that I slightly twittered about with a thanks @caryschmidt.

    Our church has a ministry at the local nursing home, and I’ve been talking to a 61-year old lady named Edris. She’s incredibly alert, and had a strong Catholic background. After witnessing to her twice, I decided to offer her a copy of Done. She diligently read it, and told me how powerful it was. She said she couldn’t put it down. Today, during the invitation, she raised her hand when it was asked for those who had already accepted Christ as their Savior. I questioned her, and realized that she had accepted Christ after finally finishing the book over a period of two weeks. Last week, she took paratransit, and came to our church services. She said she’s willing to come every Sunday we don’t have services at the nursing home.

    I praise the Lord for the very clear and in-depth explanation of the gospel that really targets any work-based religion. I know God is using that book mightily. As a first generation Chinese, I can’t wait till the Chinese e-book is published into book form…soon? I’d love to give them out to all my relatives as a Christmas present! Many thanks for the many hours you spent pouring your heart into that book, and glory to God for another soul won to Him.

  • Brother Schmidt, is DONE available in audio form? This last Sunday we as a church gave out 20 copies to all who came to the services that day. We have one person who is attending our church that can not read, but would be blessed. Thank you, brother Aikey from Cornerstone Baptist Church

  • On the Strivingtogether website they feature your book “Done” however they have not included the ADD TO CART feature so I am unable to purchase copies.
    Two e-mails to them have been ignored.
    I would like to buy at least one hundred copies to give to prisoners that request them.
    Every Blessing
    Your Brother in Christ Jesus
    Kevin Donovan

  • Thanks for the article. Free ebooks are great.

  • Hi Bro. Schmidt – It’s been two years since I last posted, but just to give you an update, Edris is now a faithful member at Heritage Baptist Church. I also printed the e-book in Chinese and gave a copy to my mother. Just today, I’ve emailed this book twice – to the ex-principal at Oakland High School and the Chinese version to a family friend who I had the opportunity to witness to in Mandarin over dinner at a Chinese restaurant just earlier this evening. Please pray for May and Clement. Thank you again for this book; I can’t wait till it gets printed in Chinese.

  • Bro. Schmidt, we have translated the done book into Slovene and have had it printed by Striving Together. We are now waiting on the shipment to arrive here in Slovenia. If you want the text for it, I am sure that Striving Together has it. Alternately, I could send you the PDF file that I proofed from them. Let me know and pray with us that God will continue to use this great book to reach the lost, especially here in Slovenia.

    Monte Barlow
    Missionary to Slovenia


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