August 19, 2009

Done—Free eBook in Chinese, Spanish, Romanian, and More!

Written By Cary Schmidt

The Free eBook – DONE – is Now Available in Chinese, Spanish, Romanian, and More!

Thanks to the help of a wonderful team of burdened volunteers, the minibook DONE is now available as a free eBook in Chines, Spanish, and Romanian. The Spanish version, “HECHO” is also available in printed form through Striving Together Publications.

The Chinese version was translated and placed in parallel with the English—something we thought might encourage a Chinese person to read it. Many Chinese desire to learn and practice English.

These three eBooks present the gospel in Chinese, Spanish, and Romanian with many Bible verses. This eBook contains a clear explanation of God’s plan of salvation.

Perhaps  you know of someone (a friend or missionary) who could use these resources. Please tell them to use them freely. They can be downloaded and passed on from the links below. Please pray that God will bless these resources and use them to bring souls to Christ.

If you have a story about how the Lord has used DONE, consider sharing it below.

Done in Chinese

Done in Spanish

Done in Romanian

Done – English

Click here for more languages and to watch a video recording.