August 07, 2009

A Must-Read Soulwinning Story

Written By Cary Schmidt

While on vacation with my family last week, I received this email. It powerfully encouraged my heart on many levels. I pray it will encourage you that soulwinning still works.

Dear Pastor Schmidt:

I just finished reading your book “done.”. I thought you might like to know how I came upon the book.

I live in Alabama. About 11 am yesterday (Tuesday, July 21), I received a knock on my door. I am usually never home at 11 am and was in fact actually headed out the door when I heard the knock. I am a Life Insurance Agent with a national company and my late departure was due to a morning spent thinking about some difficulties I am going thru at work.

On the other side of the door, a gentleman introduced himself as Toby Weaver and explained his reason for being there. We talked for about 15 minutes or so and I accepted Jesus as God’s gift of eternal life.

What is truly amazing is that a man from thousands of miles away was interested enough in me to take the time to go door to door, ask questions, listen to my problems, and offer a solution to them. Of course, in 15 minutes you can only learn so much but I was just impressed that someone would even bother.

The result was that I went to church last night for the first time in 8 years. At the service. Dr. Weaver gave me the book “done.” I also bought “Church Still Works” by Dr. Chappell as well.

You know, hurting people are not looking for nifty sermons with stage props, lights, and rocky music. We are looking for someone to knock on our door, ask, listen, offer a solution, and invite us to church.

Oh, and the girls from the college were fantastic! You can tell they love to sing about Jesus.



Tyler later wrote Dr. Weaver asking about some good books to read—as he was planning to trash many of his books on philosophy. He is a voracious reader and has a hungry heart to grow. I was also touched by his response to me in an email today. Here’s what he said:

…Maybe in the future I can enter into discussion with you. It seems I have more questions than answers. But for now…”it is finished”…seems like it means “final” and “for all time”. Everything else I guess is in the details!

You gotta love that spirit! “It is finished!” Thank the Lord that’s what matters the most! The spirit of this new Christian encouraged me. I hope it encourages you as well!

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