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Encouraging Words Goes Mobile

More and more people prefer to read blogs “on the go” through their mobile device. I am happy to announce that you  can now view this blog in a mobile version through your mobile phone browser (designed for iPhone, Adroid, or iPod touch.) Simply type in the URL and the site should automatically detect your…


Helpful Tools for Personal Productivity

This post is certainly not original. In fact, many of you will find it “old news,” but it comes with the spirit of “redeeming the time” and passing along good ideas—all of which are in no way original—practical tools for friends and co-laborers. So, here are a few things things that have made a difference…


Three Huge Principles for Personal Productivity

  A few weeks ago a pastor asked me if he could look through my leather binder. I happily sat down and showed him page by page through this veritable extension of my arm—for it pretty much goes wherever I go all the time. Thinking back, I get asked about organization, personal productivity, and balance…


Twitter—90 Days Later

The Blessings and Benefits of Learning the Art of Microblogging! A little over 90 days ago, I began using Twitter. Eight months ago I was sure it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. But after a little examination and consideration, I decided to give it a try with my family and friends. It’s…


Blogs and Twitters—Is There a Point?

Why I Decided to Start Using Twitter Why blog? Why Twitter? Is there a good reason for these things? That is the question I’ve been asking myself for the past year or so. I’m not usually an “early adopter” of potentially harmful things. Rather, I like to study, to watch, to pray, and to consider….


Understanding Hidden Dangers Part 3

A Four Part Series of Articles for Discerning Parents Through our last two articles we have been seeking to see what others do not or choose not to see. We’re asking the Lord to give us spiritual discernment and to enlighten the eyes of our understanding with regards to the hidden dangers our teenagers face….


Cyber Families Part 3

Reconnecting a Disconnected Family In last month’s edition, we were working on solving the problem of being a disconnected generation. Sure we have our high speed internet connections, our iPods, our Xboxes, and our high-tech homes, but we’ve lost the most important connection—that direct connection to the heart of our teenager! Perhaps it’s common in…


Cyber Families Part 2

Reconnecting a Disconnected Family! In last month’s Baptist Voice, we talked about the fact that we are the most technically “connected” generation in human history, yet we’re also the most relationally “disconnected” as the same time! More than ever teens and children are left to themselves while Mom and Dad have to work harder and…


Cyber Families Part 1

Connected Families Losing Their Most Needed Connections! A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to stay up late to work on some projects. I chose to stay in my chair in the living room, while she chose to sit up in bed and work—both of us on our laptop computers. Before long, we…

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