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Beating Post HS Challenges

(This is the first in a series articles about the first big tests that high school graduates face. We’ve been studying them in our senior Sunday school class and I hope these ideas will be helpful to you or those you influence.) Have you ever seen a train wreck? There’s not a much more vivid…


Helping Graduates Prepare for the Future

A Tool to Help High School Grads Understand Their Own Hearts and Direction I’ve not been able to write a blog post for a while due to year-end events with our graduating seniors—which leads me to thinking this might be a helpful subject. I want to encourage pastors, youth pastors, principals, and those who work…


The Greatest Student Ministry Strategy

Reaching Students, Nurturing Life Change, and Seeing Them Stay Faithful for Life If we were sitting at a coffee shop and you asked me, “If you could give one practical word of advice to a youth pastor regarding reaching students, seeing their lives changed, and watching them grow up faithful to God—what would it be?”…


Different By Design Book and Curriculum Now Available!

Rediscovering that a Godly Life is Still a Good Life! This book/personal study and the accompanying curriculum is designed to help young adults develop not only a godly heart, but a godly lifestyle to match! It exposes the myth that God doesn’t care how we behave, He only cares about our heart. It calls Christians…


Hook Line and Sinker Curriculum Now Available

Twenty one weeks of lessons for both teens and parents! Based on the book “Hook Line and Sinker—How the Enemy is Dividing and Destroying the Christian Family.” These twenty-one weeks of lessons are uniquely designed to benefit both teens and their parents by addressing Satan’s attacks on the family from both perspectives! This series can…

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