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Two months ago, we launched a new website— It has had a wonderful start. Friends and co-laborers from all over the world have written and expressed appreciation for the site and the resources it contains. Contributors have continually sent in submissions that are practical and helpful. The site has been overwhelmingly received and used in…


You Are What You Listen To (Part 2)

This article is part two. You can read part 1 here. Music Influences Your Heart (Your Mind, Will, and Emotions) Music, primarily harmonies, always communicates emotion. In many ways, music is emotion. This means it powerfully impacts your thoughts and decisions. You could say your music is the soundtrack of your life—it paints emotions, thoughts, meditations,…


You Are What You Listen To (Part 1)

You’ve heard the statement “you are what you eat.” And, physically this is true—your body and health are merely products of what you digest. But rarely do we make the same connection to our spiritual lives. In other words, “you are what you listen to.” Have you ever considered that your musical listening habits have…


Living Hymns—A Personal Story

During my senior year of high school, the Lord allowed me to meet Dr. Al Smith and have lunch with him. I was visiting Bible colleges with my father and praying about God’s will for my future. Little did I know that God’s will for me would include serving in music ministry. I’ll never forget…


He Restoreth My Soul Volume 2

He Restoreth My Soul Volume II – Released July ’07 (Piano and Viola) Fourteen songs featuring ten hymns and four originals recorded on grand piano. This CD features solo piano with viola played by Clark Graham. The music is designed to be a Christ-honoring, relaxing background to the routines of your life. Purchase or listen…


Music Matters

Understanding and Applying the Amazing Power of Godly Music In this thought-provoking book, you will discover a biblical and encouraging perspective on the power of music and how to use it effectively in your life. You will be challenged to consider music as more than entertainment and to make wise choices that will facilitate greater…

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