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SL Podcast: Developing an Annual Plan

The December edition of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast has just posted! Originally taught ten years ago, this lesson is entitled “Developing an Annual Plan.” In this session, Pastor Chappell shares thoughts on creating a new year plan for your life and ministry. This is one of the most popular spiritual leadership lessons Dr. Chappell has…


SL Podcast: Opening the Front Door

The audio file above is the newest Spiritual Leadership podcast from Pastor Paul Chappell. This lesson is entitled “Opening the Front Door.” In this session, Pastor Chappell shares some biblical and practical insights on how to welcome more visitors into your church. The Spiritual Leadership podcast is a free resource from Striving Together Publications (a…


Why Leaders Need More Communication

WARNING: Failure to communicate frequently and effectively will bring distrust, tension, and grief in any valuable relationship. A large percentage of our problems in work, family, and ministry could be attributed to communication failures—either miscommunication or a lack of communication. Everybody has people in their lives with whom they should work at communicating more effectively…


The Right Spirit Toward Spiritual Leaders

There are two very different attitudes towards spiritual leaders. Some Christians seemingly never see anything good, and in fact have given themselves over to criticism and fault-finding. While other Christians opt to be prayerfully and joyfully supportive and encouraging toward leaders. Which position have you taken in life? Just a couple of quick thoughts to…


Honored to Work with a Winning Team

What an awesome privilege it is to work on a team with incredible, talented, godly, committed people! The people I get to work with truly are great, in every sense of the word. Over the past week, I have been reminded, humbled, and sincerely blessed over and over again at the spirit and heart of…


Walking Worthy

Are we willing to honor a living Saviour the way we honor deceased soldiers? Colossians 1:10, “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing…” There is often debate amongst Christians about “standards of living” and there is a pervasive thought among Christian today that says, “I will do as I please, because…

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