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Making Good Intentions Happen

Four Reasons We Fail to Accomplish Our Best Intentions As you are staring at a New Year, you’ve probably started setting some goals, making some decisions, and laying out plans. We all have a TON of good intentions. But, if you really think about it, good intentions never accomplished a thing! When it comes to…


Your Best December Ever!

Ten Ways to Have a December You Will Never Forget or Regret Several days ago I sat down and wrote out 10 commitments I wanted to make before the Lord this month. I later shared them with our Senior Highers in our Wednesday night Bible study. Perhaps they could encourage you. We hear the word…


Thoughts on Planning a New Year

Taking a Good Look at 2009 Before It Begins Over ten years ago, Pastor Chappell began having our leadership team at Lancaster Baptist Church prepare “ministry planners” for each new year. Our planner meeting is this week and our ministry leaders have spent a good amount of time in recent days preparing their planners. I…


Does God Care What We Wear? (Part 2)

Why Have a Student Ministry Dress Standard In our last issue we began briefly considering the question, “Does God care what we wear?” So many of you responded positively to this series of articles and I appreciate your feedback! In a day when sloppier and sleezier is finding its way into the church and the…


Does God Care What We Wear?

Why Have a Student Ministry Dress Standard As a youth pastor I am often asked about dress standards—from teens, from parents, and from other youth leaders. Do we have a dress standard? What is it? How do we enforce it? Why do we have one? What about visitors? The questions and the reasonings sometimes seem…

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