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The Monday After Easter!

It’s Monday morning after Easter Sunday.  The first task on your task list is “Start preparing next Sunday’s message.” But hold on a minute. This particular Monday morning brings a collision of dynamics to your heart (good and bad), a psychological soup… Delight in the energy and life of Easter Sunday. Exhaustion from the adrenaline…


Resurrection Week and Spiritual Battle

Each year, I share some thoughts leading into Easter regarding the predictable spiritual battle of preaching Jesus. This is for spiritual leaders and Christian servants who are engaged in gospel ministry this week and are simultaneously experiencing spiritual battle… Any time you tackle a big effort to lift up Jesus, you can buckle up for…


Gawk A Little

Ernest Becker wrote in Denial of Death, “…By the time we leave childhood we have repressed our vision of the primarily miraculousness of creation. We have closed it off, changed it, and no longer perceive the world as it is to raw experience.” My first 18 months in Connecticut, I couldn’t believe the immersive beauty—everywhere all the time….


How God Funds His Work…

Do you ever stress over ministry finances? Read on! This post was written three years ago. I never posted it, not sure why. But now, more than ever, I’m convinced of a few things: First, spiritual leaders are often the most afraid and paralyzed in ministry because of their fear of “financial provision.” I know…


Faith Eats Feelings for Breakfast!

Have you ever faced a moment when you felt like you were “losing faith?” Almost always those moments are connected to times when God did not behave as we expected Him to. He didn’t come through “when,” “how,” or “as” we expected. In those times, we face a crisis of belief. Has God let me…

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