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Sweet Revenge on My 17 Year Old!

Stuff I’m Planning to Do to My Son’s Car—Now that He Has One! Well, I’m officially old! My seventeen-year-old son now has a car and this post is strictly for your comic relief! Lance worked hard and saved, and it was a joy to help get a car for him as a graduation gift. It’s a nice, 2003 yellow mustang with about 70,000 miles, but in great shape. It runs well and we’ve had fun teaching him how to drive a stick-shift. This evening, I sat in the passenger’s seat as he drove us to church and a funny thought hit…


The Top Ten Dating Mistakes Parents Make (Part 2)

How Parents Let Their Kids Go Too Far, Too Fast, Too Soon This is part two in a series of articles that flow from years of dealing with situations that arose out of well-meaning but short-sighted parental decisions. We all have blind spots, so these things are shared with a spirit of sincerity and humility to help parents and student leaders consider walking circumspectly. To read the first three mistakes, visit part one of this post. Let’s press on and see the next three mistakes that parents make regarding their teenager’s romantic attractions:


The Top Ten Dating Mistakes Parents Make (Part 1)

How Parents Let Their Kids Go Too Far, Too Fast, Too Soon This is the first in a series of three articles. Over the years, the Lord has allowed me the privilege to serve families and students in their journey together. Hundreds of teens have graduated from our student ministry, and the vast majority of them are living faithfully for the Lord—all by God’s grace and to His glory. In the day to day efforts, my wife and I have been involved as counselors, mentors, and sometimes disciplinarians in literally hundreds of budding and developing “dating relationships.” Not long ago,…


Book Review-What’s On Your Mind

Discover the Power of Biblical Thinking A New Book by Dr. John Goestch Do you desire to grow in your understanding of how your brain assimilates information, and how God’s Word can transform your thinking and renew your mind? The pages of this book are a MUST READ for every Christian who is desiring to win the battle for the mind. As I pre-read it some months before it went to press, it stirred me, challenged me, and equipped me in a great way. It was a GREAT read—very practical, very biblical, and very helpful. Striving Together has just released…

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