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The New Book—Live Lighter, Love Better!

Over the past six years God has performed a complete rewiring of my internal value and motivational system. He began with the blessing of a battle with cancer. He graciously disrupted my busy and blessed “comfort zone” with a vivid reminder of the brevity of life and of my own expendability. He lovingly showed me I was dispensable and replaceable in many areas of my life.

Then He showed me where I wasn’t expendable or replaceable—in the unique relationships and callings for which He created me, and the unique purposes for which He designed my short life.

The journey of physical illness was then quickly followed by a disruptive call to a completely different ministry world and context—new geography, new church family, new relationships, new challenges, and new life structure. That aspect of the journey was even more challenging than the cancer battle.

Through this journey, the Lord lovingly exposed to me my own self-deception and independence. He revealed to me aspects of my values and heart motives that were tainted. To this day, He is working to dismantle the areas of my heart that still attempt to encroach upon His Lordship and preeminence. He graciously cultivates my heart, anew, every day to be more deeply grounded in the gospel of grace.

The results of the journey are too expansive and immersive to briefly recount—but they are in part articulated in the principles of this book. It is an attempt to reverse engineer the bad decisions of history’s most successful failure—Solomon.

We’ve all experienced how life tends to make us busy and burdened. We’ve all been pressed and pressured to keep up with life’s demands. We all know what it feels like to live fast and heavy, while loving poorly?

Have you hit the wall yet? Are you finally tired of the adrenaline-driven life? Would you like to experience freedom from the anxiety and tension of a big, fast-paced, but relationally thin life?

If you are tired of walking weary—if you would like to build a healthy, biblical, and balanced life of real meaning, then I believe Live Lighter Love Better will encourage and equip you.

Live Lighter Love Better is a heart-searching, deep-thinking call to courageous decision-making. Each chapter examines the life-long regrets of Solomon, as recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes. One principle at a time, we will allow God’s Word to pull back the curtain of our hearts and expose our deepest idols.

We will allow the gospel to loosen the stranglehold that those idols place upon our hearts, and we will begin the journey back to biblical, healthy balance and joy.

Prepare to courageously journey through twelve chapters that will expose your lesser, more oppressive lords; and prepare to embrace twelve intentional decisions that will compel you into the grace-filled arms of the only Loving Lord—Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus can set you on a sustainable path of high-value, meaningful living.

Click Here to find out more about Live Lighter Love Better— from Striving Together Publications

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