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Tips for Enjoying Idea Day East!

In two days, EBC will welcome a group of pastors from around the country who are coming together for a single day of fellowship and encouragement. If you are planning to attend, I wanted to share some information for making the most of the day. If you are not attending, please join our church family in praying that this group of church planters and faithful pastors will be strengthened.

Idea Day is presented by Southern Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas Nevada. I’m excited that EBC can host this encouraging day, and I’m personally looking forward to gleaning from the great ideas that will be shared.

Here are some reminders or helpful thoughts if you are planning to come…

1. Come Early. After our regular Bible study and prayer time at EBC (7pm Wednesday), Dana and I invite you to join us at our home for some food and fellowship. (If you are attending Wednesday’s service, you don’t need to wear a suit or tie.) We would love to meet and welcome you if you are arriving early enough.

2. Come Relaxed. Idea Day is a casual, relaxing day of fellowship. (I’m planning to wear jeans and a sweater.) No one will be expecting you to dress formal or act like you’re on trial or being evaluated. We want this day to be restful, restorative, and encouraging in every way.

3. Come Hungry—not just for food (which will be great), but for helpful information and ideas. Every pastor or staff member is coming from a different context and local culture (culture specific to your area, your church, and your community.) Across the room, there will be ideas from a wide variety of church sizes and contexts, and there is sure to be much helpful information coming your way.

4. Come Prepared. We want to hear your ideas! Don’t come with a feeling of timidity—come prepared to participate in the conversation with helpful and useful thoughts. You have something to bring to the table, and we all need to hear it!

5. Come Open-Hearted. What God is doing in healthy churches across the country is inspiring! Hearing the stories of others is sure to strengthen our faith together. I am very much looking forward to hearing the stories of God’s work in various places.

6. Come Real. I’m sure that every pastor attending is bearing their fair share of burdens and challenges. We are all in over our heads! We all feel very insignificant to the work to which we are called. We all fall in total dependence in the arms of God’s grace and sustaining strength. No need to pretend otherwise.

7. Come Eager. Personally, I’m eager to meet and fellowship with faithful pastors. I’m eager to make some new friends. I’m eager to grow and learn from others. I’m eager to be influenced by faithful men.

We start Thursday morning with a light breakfast at 8:00am. I believe this will be an immensely encouraging and equipping day of personal and ministry development!

I hope to see you there!


PS—Normally, I can count… I titled this post then added two more tips and forgot to update the title. So much for being in a hurry! 🙂

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