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What I Appreciated about Spiritual Leadership Conference

The past few days, I had the privilege to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA. It was good to be back at LBC and to reconnect with so many people that we dearly love! Our hearts are full from the encouragement of seeing and fellowshipping with so many wonderful friends from CA and from around the world.

As I take a few moments today to reflect on what God did in my heart, I rejoice in some wonderful take-aways.

1. I was encouraged by friends, not merely beat up by poor preaching.

2. I was reminded of the Saviour I serve, not merely the that failure I am.

3. I was strengthened in the power of the gospel, not merely the power of my hard work.

4. I was accepted by friends, not merely measured or evaluated by pharisees.

5. I was refreshed by servants, not exploited by charlatans.

6. I was equipped in the work, not berated for my struggles.

7. I was pointed to Jesus and His promises, not merely to personalities and their egos.

8. I was led in genuine worship of my great God, not merely driven through mindless singing.

9. I was reminded of how “many encouragers” can so definitively drown out the “few discouragers.”

10. I was challenged to enlarge my vision, while remaining grounded in the gospel.

I short, I was reminded that Jesus is great and men are not. I was encouraged for who I am in Christ, not for “what I do for Him.” I was strengthened to follow God’s Word, and to be courageous when His Word leads me to innovate “new things.” I was blessed to see multiple generations gathering on the center-point  of the gospel, not merely on preferences or personalities. I was blessed to grow in grace and in God’s Word, not merely to attend a rehashed pep-rally with little actual substance.

I was blessed to be around people, who I did not feel were there to measure or evaluate us—they were there to encourage and strengthen us.

The personal highlight of the week was seeing Dr. Don Sisk honored for over 60 years of faithful ministry, and seeing his biography released, and people beginning to be encouraged by his story as I was!

Thank you to all my friends at Lancaster Baptist, and to Pastor Chappell for a very spiritual, biblical, humble, worshipful, encouraging, non-comparative, substantive, equipping week of ministry growth!

You have made a difference in my life!


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