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The Life Story of Don Sisk—Now Available!

About ten years ago, Don Sisk and I first had a conversation about publishing his biography. At the first mention, in his typical humility, he laughed out-loud and said, “I seriously doubt anybody would want to read it.”

About a year later, Dr. Sisk asked, “If we were to do that biography, would you be willing to write it?” Up to that point, that thought had not occurred to me. (There are many people who could have and would have done a far better job telling his story, but I’m deeply grateful to have been invited to participate in the process.)

About a year later, Dr. Sisk gave me many hours of personal dictation sharing his journey. Melanie Anderson graciously and faithfully labored to transcribe hundreds of pages of narrative. Shortly thereafter, the writing began. Then the writing stopped. Urgency and ministry flow began to push this project back.

In addition to this, the writing was intimidating, and it felt “out of reach.” Sonia Birdsong eventually came into the process and diligently helped turn raw dictation into a rough draft which gave me a great starting point.

Through this time, the Sisks faced health challenges, and I faced a year-long cancer battle. Good intentions sat dormant due to life interruptions—a biography half-written waited to be completed. Then God unexpectedly called our family to Connecticut. EBC needed a new pastor, and major life-transition forced another pause in the project.

Periodically Dr. Sisk and I would promise each other to resume work “soon.” Yet, those good intentions never materialized—until August 2014 when Dr. Sisk came to preach at Emmanuel Baptist. At that time, we scheduled significant time to meet on his biography. From that point, writing resumed in earnest during personal hours. Little did I know how the writing would impact me personally.

The writing of this life-story was indescribably life-changing. Sharing the narrative of one man’s 82-year walk of faith was emotional and faith-building. Quite often I was typing through tears. Dr. Sisk’s story encouraged me immensely in my own journey.

In telling his story, I had two broad goals. First, I wanted to accurately share the story of a great life of faith and fruitfulness. Second, I desired to expose the biblical wisdom that drove the story. It’s a biography, but also a life-class on following God’s leadership. It’s a story of a well-lived life.

In December of 2014, I emailed Dr. Sisk the final chapters for review. Shortly thereafter, Monica Bass and the Striving Together Team took the project and began editing, proofing, laying out, etc. They did a marvelous job!

Thank you to Dr. Sisk for showing us a biblical approach to life! Thank you for your kindness and friendship.

Thank you to Pastor Chappell and Striving Together for allowing me to participate in this project. I am grateful and changed!

Thank you, reader. I believe this man’s story will change yours for the better!

Right now, there are pre-release bonuses through If you purchase the book, you also receive the digital download for free, and a free copy of Dr. Sisk’s book “Ten Principles for Biblical Living.” I pray you will enjoy “Where Only God Could Lead—The Life Story of Don Sisk.”

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