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Things I’m Thankful for Today

To a healthy Christian, Thanksgiving is not merely a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. How I long to grow in gratitude! Don’t you LOVE Thanksgiving Day!?

This list could be SO long, but I’m going to do my best to keep it short! Here are a few things I’m thankful for, and why:


The Spiritual Stuff

1. Jesus—He’s real, He’s wonderful, He’s faithful, and He still changes lives and hearts.

2. The Gospel—I never get tired of seeing people understand God’s gift.

3. Dana—my best friend and hero. You never stop serving others! I stand amazed by you!

4. Lance, Hillarie, and Twins—blessed to serve with you, love you, proud of you, can’t believe I’m a grandpa!

5. Larry—miss you a lot, so amazed at the good man you are, and excited about your future!

6. Haylee—you are a delight to my heart, my sweet girl, and so I’m blessed by your heart for Jesus!

7. Family—Dad, Mom, Matt, Mark, and all the rest.. love you all! You’re awesome!

8. EBC Family—honored  beyond words to be your pastor, love it and you more everyday! Speechless!

9. EBC New Christians—you are a prayer/dream come true! Love seeing you grow in grace.

10. EBC Prayer Warriors—you know who you are, from all over the place, you are a part of a miracle!

11. Health—every day I’m grateful to have another chance to be alive and to love! (3.5 years cancer free!)

12. Friends—church family, staff, and many others; thank you for being a part of my life—I cherish our friendships!

13. Encouragers—to those who regularly use their encouragement gift to bless my heart. Thank you! In Heaven you will know!

14. Burdens—each trial is an opportunity to depend upon God, glorify Him, and see Him work in deep ways.

15. Answered Prayer—the past two years have held more “God moments” than any other time of life.

16. God’s Gracious Will—Astounding joy is found in honoring a God who invites us into what He is doing!

17. God’s Word—eternal, absolute truth that holds me together and holds our church together.

18. Community—a joyful, healthy church family is one of God’s BEST gifts to my life. God’s Spirit creates community!

19. New England—blessed to serve in a region where the gospel is like fresh food to starving refugees.

20. Heaven—the ultimate fulfillment of every desire, dream, or longing—and we’ll be there soon!


The “Unspiritual” Stuff:

21. Laughter—I really love to laugh! I mean I’m addicted to it. Ministry I take seriously. Myself—not at all. Thank you Lord for creating laughter. Without it, I think I would go crazy.

22. Great Cheeseburgers—I’ve been on a two year In-and-Out Burger withdrawal, hence a hunt for a great burger. I found it at Windsor Diner in Windsor, Vermont!

23. Great Pancakes—I became a pancake nut when on chemo. Now I’m spoiled—must have REAL Vermont maple syrup. Again, the best are found at Brownsville General Store in Brownsville, Vermont.

24. Seasons—God knew just how long to make Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer… I’m love each one! The warmth of summer, the fall colors, the fireside view of a snowy winter, and the pastels of Spring—each one never fails to delight and amaze me at God’s artistry Hard to believe people actually believe this was chance!

25. Dunkin’ Coffee—This one thing makes every discomfort of Winter WELL worth it. Liquid gift from God’s hand of grace!

26. Snow Days—love it when God sends weather that quiets the world, slows the soul, and forces you to pause.


I hope you and yours have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! There’s a lot to be thankful for, and where we’re going, it’s going to be a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

Thanks for reading and for allowing me to touch your life periodically!




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  • Reading your book “off Script” and it is a blessing to me! I just had a double masectomy for breast cancer. Have a long road ahead…your book is such a beautiful encouragement to me. Thank you! Please sign me up for any newsletters, etc. That you may offer. Thank you for loving Jesus!


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