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When Your Son is Getting Married (Random Observations)

When your son is getting married—random observations…

1. You feel old.

2. You sit around, replaying all the memories, wishing you could go back and relive a few.

3. You should just say “ok” to all the ladies helping with the wedding. DON’T get involved!

4. You thank the Lord for giving you a chance to be a dad.

5. You wish you were a better dad.

6. You feel nervous. (Not really sure why…)

7. You feel a little numb.

8. You listen—a lot. Again, just say, “ok”—DON’T get involved!

9. You have a sense of joy and pleasure in seeing the man he has become.

10. You dream about their future.

11. You are thankful for every person who ever influenced him or his bride.

12. You get to see a lot of people that you never see.

13. You feel blessed to be gaining a daughter-in-law.

14. You thank God for every day you took off, every vacation you enjoyed, every family night you planned, every get-away, every adventure, every laugh, every meal, every prayer…

15. You only wish you had played more, prayed more, given more, and enjoyed more…

Ok—enough looking back and feeling melancholy! Look forward…

Hey Lance, when you get back from your honeymoon, let’s me and you and Larry go throw the baseball sometime! 🙂

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  • 1. You remember waking up in the middle of the night to feed and cuddle him.
    2. His little body sitting on your lap (with a car and a small stuffed toy) at Bible study instead of being downstairs with the other kids.
    3. Answering, out of left field, questions as you drove to church or homeschool activities! These were the foundation questions that created the godly man who stood at the end of the aisle waiting for his bride!
    4. 10:30 or midnight conversations about this girl or that situation that just needed a loving ear to listen and give godly counsel.
    5. Watching that son stop and read his Bible before he went to pick-up that future bride for a special date :0}
    It is a wonderful feeling to walk beside the son you guided to this point. I have tears of happiness for you and Dana. Enjoy the next few days, they are a wonderful gift from God for the perseverance, prayer, and love you have given to Lance.

  • Remembering things my dad told me the week before I got married and passing them down….meeting members of my son’s new family and thinking how grateful I am to have this time!

    • Yes! I am meeting with Lance and his bride today to finish their premarital counseling. What a joy!


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