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Random Stuff About Blizzards

In case your wondering—YES—we still love New England, blizzards and all. In SoCal we had earthquakes and sand-storms. In the south there are hurricanes and twisters. In the north east, hurricanes and snow. There’s stuff to love and stuff to live with, no matter where God takes you—right? It’s all in your attitude…

For the record, I’ve talked to New Englanders all day (some from as far north as Maine) and everybody says “We’ve never seen it like this…” It was two blizzards in one event—amazing. I blame my wife—she’s been praying for snow, and as long as I’ve known her, God has always given her what she asked for. 🙂

So here’s some random stuff I learned today about blizzards:

1. If you pray for snow—it will come. (Thank you Dana!)

2. The deeper you dig, the heavier it gets. (Get a back brace!)

3. It takes 4 hours for 3 people to dig two cars and a sidewalk out of 3 ft of snow.

4. Golf and blizzards don’t mix. You’ll lose to many golf balls. Don’t try it.

5. If you throw salt down before hand, the blizzard will lick up your salt and laugh at you.

6. Wind can turn a 30 inch snow fall into 6 ft. drifts. (Tie yourself off.)

7. Blizzards also laugh at pick-up trucks with plows attached.

8. Right now, I could make a life-time supply of snow ice-cream. (For a small country.)

9. Before a blizzard, New Englanders love bread and milk. (And batteries.)

10. After a blizzard, New Englanders curse the snow they shovel. (It’s where the bitterness comes from.)

11. When you shovel snow in wind, it all blows back into your face and mouth.

12. Snow tastes good. (Sand storms were never this delicious.)

13. Blowing snow knows how to find any exposed skin or gaps in clothing. (Wrap yourself in saran wrap and duct tape.)

14. Blizzards are God’s time-out for busy people. (Make a fire and watch a movie!)

15. When God’s will includes blizzards, it’s all good.

In short, blizzards are similar to desert sand-storms except sand doesn’t melt, doesn’t taste good, and you can’t make ice-cream out of it.

On a serious note—this region of the country has had a triple dose of hardship in recent weeks—Hurricane Sandy, then a horrific school shooting, and then a crippling blizzard. Pray for those dealing with the difficulties, and pray for those ministering to them. Pray for the forward movement of the gospel and the ongoing softening of hearts in New England!



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  • Hahaha, love this!! Especially number 5! 🙂

  • Much snow on Long Island as well. Amidst all the shoveling, bone chilling cold and inconvenience, God has reminded me just how truly blessed I am (“in all things give thanks”). Not being able to drive anywhere has resulted in me resting in my warm home with God’s Word; it truly doesn’t get any better than this. I (we) are truly blessed. – by the way, I’m sure someone must have told you not to eat the yellow snow …

  • Thank you Dana! 🙂
    Pastor Carey, I enjoyed reading your random list of blizzard “stuff.” And thankful the blizzard didn’t cause you to book a ticket for warmer climes!

  • Too funny Pastor Schmidt. I’m sure they had blizzards back in Lancaster too, but just not as strong. I remember snow there too. I will tell you that snow is God’s way to keep us in the house. It should snow more often one day a week so people will remember the sabbath day and keep it holy.


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