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Introducing—Higher Call Student Summits

If you are a student ministry leader or worker, we invite you to participate in the Higher Call Student Summits in 2012!

Beginning in February, Bryan Samms and I have the privilege of partnering with four churches in four regions of the country for the Higher Call Student Summits. These meetings are two-day events hosted by a church in conjunction with West Coast Baptist College. They will feature Bible preaching and teaching for students, as well as practical training and encouragement for leaders.

These events are free for your youth groups, and take place on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. You can find out more specific details about dates, locations, schedule, etc. if you visit

Every hour of the Student Summits has been planned with prayer—for the purpose of challenging young people to rise above culture and commit to the call of Jesus Christ, and to encourage and equip youth leaders in student ministry.

I’m thankful for the privilege to have part in these meetings, and am looking forward to the fellowship we will have with youth groups and leaders! It would be a great honor to meet you and host your group, if you live within driving distance.

The summits will be held near four major regions in 2012—West Florida (February 24-25), Memphis, TN (March 30-31), Atlanta, GA (September 7-8), and Dallas, TX (November 2-3).

Registration is free and simple. Just visit the web site and submit your basic information and the approximate number of students you would bring. Also, we will be happy to send you brochures to distribute to your youth group if you request them when you register.

We hope to see you at one of the summits! Let me know if you have questions!

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  • Great idea, love to hear both of you preach! How about a little more West, like, say in Colorado! 🙂 We’re twelve hours from Lancaster and more from any of those places.

    I’m sure it’ll change in the coming years, and I understand it’s the first year; appreciate the effort and sacrifice you are giving for other teens and youth leaders across the country!

  • Cary, I appreciate you doing conferences like this. That is amazing, and we appreciate it. I am a student pastor and have connected with you through social networking. I also link to your blog from my blog: Feel free to check it out sometime and we can continue sharpening each other in ministry.


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