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Here’s a VERY BIG Bag of Seed…

Would you like to know about a completely free, biblically reliable resource that could help you and those you know to greatly grow in the Word of God? If so, keep reading! You’re gonna like this!

A few years ago we built and launched it, and it keeps getting better! Our media team works diligently to archive in multiple formats all of Pastor Chappell’s preaching, as well as special guest speakers such as this week’s revival meeting from Dr. John Goetsch.

Each sermon, shortly after it is preached, is placed in it’s own series and archived by date. Video and audio files are posted and downloadable to any device. And all of the material is also subscribe-able via iTunes podcasts and RSS feed. Imagine having all the messages of Lancaster Baptist Church automatically streamed to whatever your favorite viewing or listening device may be!

Also, every sermon is tagged and searchable by text, topic, title, keywords, etc. For instance, when you visit the site and enter a search for “Ephesians” you will discover more than 45 sermons—audio and video—from that single book of the Bible! Searching for the word “love” provides 36 sermons. You can imagine what a fantastic resource this could be if you are studying a particular text and topic.

Why blog about this? Because it’s a HUGE resource that we have actually said very little about. There are years and years worth of sermons and preaching series from Paul Chappell available at your finger tips—and ALL of them shareable, tweet-able, and useful in a myriad of ways!

So get to it. It’s free. It’s for you. And it’s about the power of the Word of God. Think of all the people you know, those who need Christ, or those who need encouragement, who may be helped because you shared or tweeted a link!

We are trying to hand you a very BIG bag of seed. What will you do with it? We pray that you will grab it and start planting! God’s Word NEVER returns void!

Happy harvest!

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  • I’ve been enjoying this resource for a long time! I’m thankful for this ministry! I grew up in a Christian home, however I just got saved when I was 18. Before I was saved I used to listen to the messages of Dr. Paul Chappell very often. God used those messages (and also other Christians) to work in my heart so that I could repent from my sins. I think the media ministry is a great ministry because it allows the church to reach people who, like me, live in other countries.

  • It is truly a VERY BIG Bag of Seed that is sharable and tweet-able. It is a HUGE Bag of Seed that we can plant anywhere everywhere and surely will be strongly Rooted in Christ and grows like a tree planted by the rivers of water. That is the power of God in the ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church!


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