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Tebow On Mic During the Chicago Game

This past Sunday evening, I watched in awe as ESPN commentators literally fell speechless. Then they resorted to words like “magical” and phrases like, “something much bigger at play here” to try to describe what happened in the Denver game vs. Chicago. The Broncos came back to win a game that anyone would have called unwin-able.

Now, I don’t believe that God really cares who wins an NFL football game. But I do believe that God honors those that honor Him—and this video reveals that Tim Tebow really does have a real relationship with Christ and a genuine compassion for others. There’s no doubt in my mind that God has given Tebow a platform to exalt Christ—and He’s only enlarging that platform for His own glory.

This clip is a collection of clips of Tebow on mic during the game. It’s amazing, convicting, and well worth watching. It’s a life-lesson on Christlikeness, leadership, and many other scriptural character traits. If every Christian had this kind of personal relationship with Christ—the world would be radically different.

Enjoy the clip!

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