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If You Leave Your Family…

If you leave your family, you rebel…

You rebel against and shame the name of your great God.

You rebel against God’s Word and clear commands.

You rebel against God’s design for marriage and family.

You rebel against “who God has called you to be in Christ.”

If you leave your family, you rob…

You rob your wife of her hopes, dreams, health, future, stability, dignity, and a million other valuable treasures that mere words could never justly describe.

You rob your kids of stability, home, unity, love, a million family memories, and a much longer list of spiritual blessings.

You rob your Saviour of glory and a good testimony that should emanate from your life.

You rob your friends and neighbors of a strong and shining testimony of the true gospel and the power of God.

You rob your future from the stronger marriage that would have resulted from working through tough stuff.

You rob yourself of a clear conscience, pure heart, good name, and the respect of people that love you.

You rob your church of a godly leader, a biblical model of family, and an example of strong commitment.

You rob yourself of the opportunity to express courageous leadership through family trials.

You rob your grandkids of the privilege of knowing their grandparents as a married couple.

If you leave your family, you lose…

You lose a lifetime of God’s blessings and rewards for your faithfulness in marriage.

You lose a lifetime of a clear conscience, trading it for a lifetime of guilt and regret.

You lose the love you could have shared with someone who loved you when you were quite unlovable.

You lose the privilege of having godly and respected influence in your children’s lives during their adult years.

You lose the joys of many years of family unity, precious times, treasured memories, and spiritual rewards.

You lose opportunities to mentor others through difficult seasons of life.

You lose your dignity as a faithful, respectable man.

You lose a list of valuable life blessings much longer than this post could contain.

If you leave your family… you rebel against your God, you rob others, which means they lose… and you lose… BIGTIME!

That’s a lot to leave behind for a stupid bowl of stew… I mean, a bit of illicit pleasure or a delusional season of selfishness. It’s not worth it. Not even close! Don’t do it.

Beg God for help, get biblical counsel, hold onto your family, and refuse to ever let go! Work through it by God’s grace, no matter how long it takes! Leaving is NEVER worth it, and STAYING always is!

Whatever you do, don’t leave! You will REGRET it!

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  • Wow! God bless you, Bro. Schmidt. You have such a gift for saying a LOT with such a few words. This is very moving and powerful. Should be printed in every newspaper in America, and required to be memorized in all pre-marriage counseling.

    My heart broke while reading this, thinking of so many people the Devil has deceived. May God help us all to take heed to these words of wisdom.

  • Another winner!
    Loved your sermon Failure is not an Option.
    It’s teaching like this that allows me to celebrate my 25th Anniversary today!

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  • Tremendous! Thank you – I pray this gets around

  • This is very good! I was wondering about the comment made above from Karen who stated she loved your sermon on failure is not an option. Is that sermon online or is there a way to get it.
    Thank you for your ministry!


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