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Off Script is Now Available

It’s amazing how the Lord allows the timing of events to unfold. Yesterday I left the hospital in Hollywood after my last radiation treatment! It was a moment I will never forget. Only minutes later I received a message from my secretary that the first copy of Off Script was sitting on my desk. You can read more about the book in this post from a few weeks ago.

I simply wanted to take a moment to let you know that the book is now available. You can order it directly from Striving Together Publications, or you can order from Amazon.

And the Kindle edition is also available beginning today, also through Amazon. I’m thankful that Pastor Chappell felt that it could be useful, and I’m thankful to a wonderful team of co-workers who helped make it happen. I really do pray that God will use it to encourage you or someone you know who is facing an “off script” time of life.

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  • I just went looking for this yesterday on Amazon and noticed it was available for pre-order. Just purchased the Kindle version moments ago.

    Been praying for you and the family. Lord Bless.

  • I had the privilege of reading this book pre-press. It is both transparent and helpful; genuine and encouraging. It is written with candor and humor, but it gives solid biblical truths to claim and choices to make in the midst of any trial. If you read with a highlighter handy, you will mark about every other sentence!

    Thank you, Brother Schmidt, for your willingness to write this during chemo…and for your testimony of faithfulness through these past months.


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