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20 Tips for Developing Your Walk with God

Does your devotional walk every become routine? Mechanical? Do you ever find yourself going through the motions, but rushing and not really enjoying personal fellowship with the Lord?

Last night in Senior High Bible Study we studied how to conquer “impersonal Christianity”—a Christianity that knows about God but doesn’t really develop personal intimacy with Him. Each of us is responsible for developing our personal walk with God, and in doing so, I challenge you to keep it personal (be transparent before Him, He already knows you), keep it consistent (daily or close to it), and keep it fresh (do whatever you must do to keep from losing interest.)

Along with those three suggestions, here is a quick list of 20 ideas that might help you break out of the mechanical and develop your walk with God in a new way. We handed these out on a card at the end of Bible Study, and I hope they will encourage you:

1. Read the Bible in Places Where You Can Understand It—don’t be afraid to read another passage if you’re getting bogged down in a complex portion of the Bible.

2. Read Good Books about the Bible or Biblical Truths—lose yourself in a good book that contains a lot of scripture.

3. Use a Bible Software or Study Tools to Help You Understand—things like Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary of the Bible is free online. Take advantage of the insight of others.

4. Read the Bible from a Big Picture Perspective—read a whole book or lengthy passage, rather than just a short chapter.

5. Ask God to Teach You Something that You Need—expect Him to answer this prayer and speak to you.

6. Make a Record of the Things that God is Teaching You (Journal)—whether by hand or on computer, write down what God is teaching you.

7. Tell Someone Else Something that God Taught You (Godly Friends)—what a great use of social networking and a great conversation starter with a friend.

8. Talk to God Openly and Take Time to Listen to Him—don’t be afraid to sit quietly before the Lord and listen.

9. Literally Take a Walk with God and Talk to Him—walking will keep you awake and engaged.

10. Make a List of Prayer Requests and Record When They Are Answered—there’s something very special about looking back on all those answers.

11. Listen to Godly Music and Think about the Message—great Christian music will take your heart to a very special place with God.

12. Listen to Preaching or Teaching from Past Events—what a great use for an iPod.

13. Read Biographies of Great Christians—discover how others developed their lives for the Lord.

14. Spend Time with God in Places You Like—the beach? A park? If you enjoy being there, He will enjoy being there with you!

15. Include God on Other Activities of Life—God is with you all day, so He doesn’t mind if you talk to Him while you fold laundry or mow the lawn.

16. Give God the Time You Give to Some Other Form of Media—He’s more important than Facebook, TV, cell phone, and video games all combined!

17. Give God Quiet, Uninterrupted, Unrushed Time—find moments when you aren’t in a hurry and give those to God.

18. Plan Specific Times to Spend More Time with God—have you ever set aside a larger chunk of time just for the Lord? Try a few hours or a half a day some time.

19. Write Out Scripture or Prayers/Letters to God—what a great way to place God’s Word into your heart and to record your walk with Him.

20. Don’t Quit if You Miss a Day—if you missed yesterday, that’s ok… God is still waiting to spend time with you today.

This is a short list, so help me out. What are some ways you have creatively developed your walk with God? Share them below…

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  • Fantastic post…thank you!
    3 Things that have ginormously increased my intimacy with Christ…

    1. Every passage I read I am asking myself “What Does This Passage Reveal About Jesus Christ?” rather than “What is in this for me?” Noticing and then meditating on his attributes from Scripture is a great way to seek and draw close. (Thank you, Jim Berg)

    2. Taking e-free retreats alone, usually for 24 – 48 hours…no friends, no computer, no cell, no mp3…just God & I with his word and perhaps a hymnbook.

    3. Doing what I know is right. When it comes right down to it, I learn Christ best when submitting and obeying.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I actually just taught a lesson on Bible reading last week, and I went step by step through an example text on how to help you figure out what God is saying, then figure out what God is saying to me. I posted a summary at the above link, but the main steps were as follows: 1) Read to understand. 2) Reread trouble spots. 3) Flag question words and look them up. 4) Ask the who/what/where… questions of the text. 5) Find the intent of the passage. 6) Apply, apply, apply. Almost always I think of my devotions as a lesson, and then the fun of that stops when I teach it to myself!

  • Brother Schmidt,
    I have a card taped to my phone at work that says:
    “Relieve Stress”……….. take a prayer break. When things get hectic and I am having a “Dr. Seuss Day” I say a little prayer because it is so easy to slip into a poor attitude “zone” and destroy our Christian testimony.

  • Thank you. This is a great list!
    What helps me is realizing that the there is no set method in having a devotional time with God. The main ingredients are His Word, prayer, and a submissive heart. I used to get burdened down with a certain reading schedule or study, and still do at times. Those things are helpful (and I use them), but only if I still allow the flexibility that a real relationship has. God may want me to slow down and meditate on a certain passage, or pray through what I’m reading verse by verse.
    When I get into a rut, often I’m focusing more on the method than on God himself. As your post emphasizes, there are many ways to focus on God and His Word.
    Thank you for your post. It was an encouragement.

    Praying for your health!

  • I love what you said about not giving up if you miss a day. I’m working through a “through the Bible in 90 days” plan right now, and I’ve admittedly had a hard time keeping up. But if I get discouraged because I’m off schedule, or because I’m not keeping my self-imposed standard of godliness, then I’ve probably missed the point.

    It’s a conversation in which we’re hearing from God through His infallible Word and responding in prayer. It’s not meant to be a chain to bind us but instead to free us.

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  • Awesome tips! God bless you!!

  • Very good. A tip I’ve was given, and have given out is: Develop/determine Biblical core beliefs and limits early. By that I mean, come up with immediate responses to situations BEFORE they are encountered. EX. “When I am offered an alcoholic drink, I will immediate say, ‘No thank you. I don’t drink'”.
    We are less likely to make a wrong decision if we have previously determined our automatic response to that situation. Just a thought.

  • Thak You Ps. I got read your rithen of “The Purpose Driven CHURCH” thet is very good and now in the No.20 I wiil Give Thanks for GOD is me !!!
    let GOD Blessing You PS.

  • “2. Read Good Books about the Bible or Biblical Truths—lose yourself in a good book that contains a lot of scripture.”

    Do you have a list of good books that you would recommend?

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