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Top 20 Posts of 2010

As we wrap up this year, I want to thank you for allowing this blog into your life. Of all the demands on our time and attention, I do not take it lightly that you would stop by and participate in the things that are posted here. I am grateful! And I pray that you have been encouraged by your time here over the past 12 months.

As a final post for this year, I wanted to share what you read the most! Here are the top 20 most read posts and a couple of comments in case you missed them:

1. An Important Message to Family and Friends—this was my first post regarding my cancer diagnosis and how we have chosen to respond. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers!

2. Top 15 Questions Christian Teens Ask—this is taken from our student ministry Q&A times and it has continued to be a popular post for a while.

3. Before You Criticize Your Pastor—some reminders of your pastor’s role in your life and how valuable it really is.

4. Diagnosis and Moving Forward—a second important post about my cancer.

5. 10 Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You (Part 1, 2, 3)—reminders for parents of what goes through our teenagers heads whether we realize it or not.

6. iPad, iPhone, Apps, and Ideas—a post about using these tools for ministry and my favorite apps to use.

7. Why Young People Stay Faithful—a list of things that build real and lasting faith in the hearts of young lives.

8. Problems with Fun-Focused Youth Ministry—thoughts on why “fun” isn’t the goal with teens.

9. What Your Kids Want Most (and Need)—a reminder of what most fulfills the deepest heart needs of our children.

10. 7 Myths of Single Life—things that Satan tells single adults that just aren’t true.

11. Things I’d Like to Say to Every Young Adult—this list evolved from various counseling and conversations with young people who were struggling.

12. The Top Ten Questions of Young Christian Singles—a list taken from our Q&A times at College and Career and Singles Retreats.

13. A Word to Weary Bible College Students—a reminder to those in Bible College that it’s all going somewhere important!

14. How to Survive a Rough Day—a post summarizing a very powerful message from Dr. Don Sisk.

15. 40 Reasons I’m Thankful for Cancer—written around Thanksgiving and sharing the legitimate reasons that I’m choosing to thank God for cancer.

16. ‘Twas the Night Before Chemo—random thoughts shared before my first treatment.

17. Overtime Rally with Michael Redd—a summary of our outreach weekend for student ministry.

18. Great Books for Christian Parents—a list of books that every Christian parent should read.

19. The Power of a Question—how to use questions to stimulate the conscience when counseling or encouraging others.

20. Cinnamon Roles and Bone Marrow—a story of sweetness amidst suffering, shared from the cancer journey.

That’s the top 20! Thanks again for stopping by and I pray that you will continue to in 2011. And to all who referred a friend, emailed a story, shared a link, tweeted a post, reposted, or commented—I’m especially thankful to you! It means a great deal that you would value a post enough to pass it along!

Happy new year!

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  • Cary: I love the way you are keeping us up to date on your progress.
    I enjoy reading your writings. You are quite the writer. We will continue to pray for you, Dana and the family.
    Love you,
    Mrs. V


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