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Two New Books from Striving Together!

What a great privilege and delight it is to be a part of Striving Together Publications! I thank the Lord for a great team of co-laborers who work with excellence to produce biblical resources for local church ministry and for personal spiritual growth! We are happy to introduce to you two new books that we pray will have a great impact in your heart.

First, The Ministry of a Baptist Deacon from Dr. Paul Chappell. This book is a two-hundred page manual for the office of a deacon in a Bible-believing church. It is filled with biblical, practical, and powerful instruction and resources. The first half of the book shares the biblical philosophy of deacon ministry. The last half of the book shares appendices filled with administrative information—from financial committees, to offering count procedures, to church constitution, to serving the Lord’s table. This book is comprehensive and covers everything we could possibly imagine about being an effective deacon in a healthy local church. It’s a must-have for every pastor and deacon, and it would make a great resource for training new deacons.

Second, God’s Passion, A Manual on Church Planting for World Evangelism by Dr. Bud Calvert. This book is a personal and powerful presentation of biblical advice on how to plant local churches, and it flows from the heart of a man with a great fire for local church planting. Dr. Calvert has successfully started many churches from his own church, and God has used him greatly. Chapter by chapter, this book provides practical insight and instruction for a local church planter, and for a planting church as well. It’s a must-read for every pastor who would love to lead his church to plant others. And it’s a must-read for every church planter who desires to honor the Lord in the way you carry out His commission!

Both of these books are available right now! Visit today and order your copy!

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