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Oct. Podcast—Growing in Stewardship

Growing the Church in Biblical Stewardship was October’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast! You can listen to it above or subscribe to the Spiritual Leadership Podcast through iTunes. This month’s lesson is a great resource on how to lead the church to growth in the basics of biblical stewardship. There are a lot of unhealthy leadership techniques when it comes to financial stewardship. Some pastors and leaders resort to guilt, manipulation, crisis, and even “poor me” tactics to get people to give. The Bible teaches a different approach altogether—grace giving!

For 21 years I’ve been blessed to watch Pastor Chappell lead our church family in authentic biblical stewardship. Never one time has he manipulated or guilted people into giving. Never once has he refused to dismiss a church service until certain bills were paid. Never once has he badgered the church family with pitiful tactics. He has consistently lifted up biblical principles and challenged people to obey. And on the backside, he has faithfully led the church is wise financial management. The result has been growth in grace, growth in financial blessing, and growth in ministry stability!

I believe every pastor and spiritual leader will greatly benefit from this month’s lesson! For the outline, please subscribe to the monthly email here.

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