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One of the reasons I began this blog is to share helpful resources, book reviews, and ministry ideas. Many people are presently using Striving Together Publications, but not everybody is aware of what Striving Together and our ministry is offering at no cost. Our goal is to charge only for the things we must. Anything we can offer for free, we will!

Here is a list of some things that our ministry is happy to provide for free. I hope you will share these resources and links with others:

The Free Resource Link on the Striving Together Home Page – many of the things listed below, and much more, can be found on this page at Free Resources at Striving

Ministry127.comthis website provides ministry articles from over 80 contributors, power point slides, videos, sermon outlines, illustrations, sermon helps, podcasts and more. It’s a fantastic repository with dozens of contributors.

The Spiritual Leadership Podcast and Outline – this monthly spiritual leadership lesson originally cost $10 per month and is now free. It comes from the heart of Dr. Paul Chappell and will challenge you and strengthen you spiritual leadership skills every month. The Spiritual Leadership Podcast

The Ministry127 Podcast – this podcast releases at least three ministry leadership lessons each month on a variety of ministry topics and from a variety of speakers. One lesson each month is focused toward ladies. The Ministry127 Podcast

The SM127 Student Ministry Podcast – this new podcast provides preaching for teenagers from youth related events taking place in our ministry. The SM127 Podcast

The West Coast Baptist College Chapel Podcast – this podcast features select messages from WCBC chapels. The WCBC Chapel Podcast

The Ministry127 Sermon Archive – many years of Sunday messages from Dr. Paul Chappell are available and searchable by text in the ministry127 sermon archive. Enter a text and you will find all the sermons related to that text. Listen for free. The editable outlines are available for purchase through Dr. Paul Chappell’s Sermon Archive

The Daily in the Word Podcast – this is the daily radio ministry of Pastor Chappell that airs across the country on 450 radio stations. Each daily program can be downloaded and kept at no charge. Daily in the Word Podcast

The LBC Service Podcasts – nearly every service from Lancaster Baptist Church is available in video and audio podcasts. A great resource for drive-time, etc. Lancaster Baptist Video Podcast

Daily in the Word Daily Devotional – Every day, we publish a new daily devotional from Dr. Chappell. This devotional can be subscribed to and shared freely with friends. It’s a great addition to your daily walk with the Lord and a great resource for illustration ideas. Daily in the Word Devotional

Spiritual Gifts Test/Ministry Involvement Night Booklet – each year we encourage our church family to serve in ministry through Ministry Involvement Night. We teach them what God’s Word says about spiritual gifts and encouragement to take the spiritual gifts test. From there we encourage them to serve in a ministry. The test and the booklet are available at no charge.

Love Your Neighbor Resources – Pastor Chappell wrote an entire blog post about Love Your Neighbor Week, and the flyer and postcard that we use for it are available for your use at no charge. It’s a great community outreach idea!

The Lord’s Table Booklet – This booklet describes in detail the purpose and significance of the Lord’s table. It can be downloaded here.

A Collection of Various Video Productions – In recent years, we’ve produced many videos that are useful in a variety of ministry contexts. Most of them are not specific to a date or to our ministry. We have uploaded these in a high resolution. Feel free to download them here and use them in your ministry. Included among these are some that are specific to our ministry, like anniversary videos, and even a few funny videos from youth conference.

Spiritual Leadership Conference Downloads – for the second time this past year we offered the entire Spiritual Leadership Conference for free download, or on MP3 CD for a very low price. (I think it was $25.) This resource remained available for over three months, and included all services, sessions, videos, and the notebook. Look for next year’s conference in late July—or better yet, come and be part of it! Click here to download!

DONE eBook in English, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, and Korean – Many people have trusted Christ from this little book. From it’s first printing, we decided to make the eBook version available for free download. With every additional language translation we’ve done the same. It’s been downloaded over 100,000 times. Feel free to use it to help others come to Christ. Many have emailed it to friends, posted it on their site, etc.

Internet Radio with 24/7 Music – this is a little thing, but you can now here the music of our ministry 24/7 at Click here to listen.

How to Prepare for Bible College Minibook and eBook -this book is complimentary both in eBook and printed form. If you have a young person who is preparing for Bible College, it’s a great tool to help them through the process. If you would like the printed version, simply call and request it 1-800-201-7748. Download this book here. – A year ago we launched The Baptist Voice magazine. It has been very well received. A few months ago, we began the website and are posting many of the articles from the magazine on the site for your use. Please feel free to reuse these articles as needed to help others, but we would appreciate you giving credit to

Ministry Blogs – Presently our ministry is offering a couple of blogs (and more to come)—this one, and Dr. Chappell’s. We’re doing our best to identify helpful content and make it available for the encouragement of others.

Priority Club Membership with ResourcesThe Striving Together Priority Club is a great thing. You join for free, you receive one copy of every new publication immediately when it comes off the press, and at a 20% discount. (Ok, that’s not free, but it’s still a great idea.) This is a great way of guaranteeing that you have everything we publish and at a great price.

Occasional Books/Minibooks in Seasons – Periodically we offer a free book with another purchase or when you register for a conference. These resources just need to be watched for and are not predictable.

To those readers who use Striving Together Publications—thank you! We count it a great privilege to compliment your ministry. Your vote of confidence is something we cherish. Our heart is to do as much as we can to encourage and equip other local churches. We pray these resources are a help!

One final word: There is a large team of incredible people who serve behind the scenes editing publications, building websites, creating media, and laboring daily to serve you. They do a great job, and they deserve the credit for the labor that has gone into creating these resources.

Nothing helps us more than getting ideas from YOU! Is there something you would like to see offered for free? Please let me know and I’ll make it happen if at all possible. What free resources would you consider helpful?

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  • Thank you for having such a generous spirit. LBC and Striving Together have helped me develop into a better leader and pastor (with a long way to go).

  • Wow! I had no idea. I knew of perhaps two of those resources. I think it shows the true heart of the ministry in Lancaster to offer all of this at no charge. I will definitely be looking into those resources, especially as I head out to plant a church.

  • 2 Ideas come to mind regarding resources:

    1) Would love to have more access to your “Teen Traps during the Teen Years” preaching series. Notes, topics, etc.

    2) Parent Meeting sermons for free. Perhaps you could start a podcast for youth pastors and/or parents where one can download the outline/slides and listen to the sermon once per month (kind of like Pastor Chappell’s leadership podcast). Just an idea.

    Praying for your medical trial. The first passage that came to mind when I heard the news for Colossians 1:9-12. Will be praying in that manner.


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