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New Podcast-The Disciple-Making Church

The September Spiritual Leadership Podcast has posted—a lesson from Dr. Chappell entitled “The Disciple-Making Church.” This lesson will challenge you to focus on the heart of New Testament ministry—developing disciples. How easy it is to get distracted into well-meaning but diversionary ministry efforts. Lessons like this remind us what we’re really supposed to be doing in local church ministry.

This lesson also gives a process—how discipleship can effectively happen in a local church environment. With the lesson, Pastor Chappell answers some questions about discipleship ministry. You can listen above or subscribe through iTunes. Also, be sure to send us your email address so you can get the free outline that accompanies the podcast. Subscribers to the outline receive a monthly email notification when the podcast has posted, along with a link for the outline.

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Enjoy the September Spiritual Leadership Podcast!

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