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Preaching that Pleases God


A New Book by Tom Farrell from Striving Together Publications.

If you are interested in growing teacher or preacher of the Word of God, you must read Preaching that Pleases God by Tom Farrell. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject, and it will challenge you to be a more faithful preacher and teacher of God’s truth.

We were privileged to enter into this project about a year ago with Dr. Farrell. Personally, I was profoundly impacted by Tom Farrell’s preaching as a teenager, and it was a great blessing to be able to help in this project. Dr. Farrell has faithfully and powerfully preached God’s Word and trained preachers throughout his ministry. He is a man with the obvious anointing of God on his life, and this book flows from a passionate heart, a skilled mind, and a fruitful life.

You can find out more or order your copy at Striving Together Publications! Thank you Dr. Farrell for a much needed challenge to return to Holy Spirit empowered Bible preaching!

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  • Although I will never be a preacher, I must admit I read through my husband’s copy of the book! I was curious because I love Brother Farrell’s preaching and how he unapologetically proclaims the Truth of the Word. He often says he preaches to please God and not man. My life has been changed greatly over the years, first as a teen and now as a 30 something adult through Dr. Farrell’s persuasive preaching. When I try to think of a concise way to describe his style I keep coming back to “God glorifying”. After listening to him preach the Word I see our God more awesome, more ‘high and lifted up’, more holy, more worthy of my everything!
    It seems to me (who mind you, knows nothing about preaching) that the book is filled with encouragement and practical suggestions to help other preachers be a God-glorifying kind of preacher, too. Thank you, Striving Together, for publishing such a worthy book.


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