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Costs of Pastoring a Growing Church

The June Spiritual Leadership Podcast from Pastor Paul Chappell

The June edition of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast has posted from Dr. Paul Chappell. This lesson is entitled “The Costs of Pastoring a Growing Church” and it challenges spiritual leaders to embrace the cost that comes along with ministry fruit. So often we want “success” but we don’t want the “burdens” that come along with it. This lesson will encourage you to “take up your cross” and let God use you.

The Spiritual Leadership podcast is a free resource from Striving Together Publications (a ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College).

You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes and listen on your computer or iPod. You can also receive the complimentary outline with each lesson. Click here for more information about subscribing to the outline.

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Enjoy the lesson!

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