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Top Ten Posts for 2009—Thank you!


About a year ago, I ramped up the development of this blog, not really sure what would happen. I want to be an encouragement to others, and I’m thankful that you would read and for the many who have responded with comments, emails, etc. Honestly, this blog has been a lot of fun—a needed diversion at times and a place to park thoughts that are compelling to my heart.

If you have been encouraged, equipped, or helped—to God be the glory. I enjoy the writing and the fellowship this has brought, and I thank the Lord for like-minded readers.

Looking back over the past 12 months, here are the ten posts that were read the most:

  1. The Power of a Question—using questions to understand a person’s heart.
  2. The Top 15 Questions Teens Ask—based upon sorting hundreds of submitted questions.
  3. Getting Teens to Air Their Questions—how to host a “Q&A” time with students.
  4. 10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s Attention—how to teach in a completely disconnected way.
  5. Download Spiritual Leadership Conference 2009—no longer available, but 2010 will be!
  6. The Right Spirit Towards Spiritual Leaders—keeping a right heart toward vital relationships.
  7. The Best and Worst Uses of Twitter—the good and the bad of this social media.
  8. USAToday Reports on the New NIV 2011—a revealing news story about Bible revision.
  9. The Top Questions of Young Christian Singles—based upon questions submitted over five years.
  10. Suggested Family Cell Phone Guidelines—what we taught our kids with their first cell phones.
  11. Seven Big Parenting Mistakes—a simple post highlighting parental blind-spots.
  12. Making the Busiest Time of the Year the Best—working together for a balanced calendar.

I’ve made a few tweaks and changes to the blog that you might want to be aware of.

First—added the share button at the bottom of each article. This is an easy and simple way to save or pass along something you find helpful. If it helped you, it might a help someone else, so go for it.

Second—upgraded the photos page. I sorted the photos into sets and added some—especially from Christmas.

Third—added categories. Up until recently I was only using tags. Every article is assigned to one category but then can have multiple tags. The categories show up on the right in a drop down menu.

Fourth—a more unified look in the side bar. From the subscribe and twitter buttons to the small resource ads, I tried to make things look cleaner and more simple.

I’m excited about the new year and some resources our ministry is planning to make available! Can’t tell you about all of them yet, but stay tuned! May God bless your new year, and thanks so much for reading!

Are there topics you would like to see covered on this blog? If so, drop a comment below…

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  • I’ve enjoyed your blog this year! Thank you for your part in our boys’ lives there at West Coast. They both speak very highly of you! It was also nice to meet you and your wife during College Days in November.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • i just wanted to thank you for writting these posts, they have been a great help to me and a blessing. Also thank you for writting the many books you have, i have read several and each have been a major help in my walk with God, and i would not be where i was if you had not let God use you to write them. So thank you very much!

  • Thanks so much Bro. Cary for your time and insight. The blogs have been very helpful and encouraging. I thank God for you and the ministry there at LBC. Praying you have a great year!


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