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Christian Books for the Kindle


Do you have a Kindle? Good news! Striving Together Publications is committed to entering and supporting the digital publishing realm. We are now offering resources for the Kindle digital reader. I’ve been asked several times just today—hence this post. (We are working on the website announcement and links.)

Presently, you can find the following books (from Striving Together) on Amazon for the Kindle. This link shows you all of them at once.

A Glorious Church by Mike Gass
Church Still Works by Paul Chappell and Clayton Reed
Grace for Godly Living by Paul Chappell
Hook, Line, & Sinker by Cary Schmidt
Just Friends by Mike Ray and Cary Schmidt
Leaders Who Make a Difference by Paul Chappell
Life Quest by Cary Schmidt
Living on God’s Economy by Paul Chappell
Mentoring and Modeling by John Goetsch and Mark Rasmussen
Done by Cary Schmidt

The rest of the Striving Together Library will be available over the coming months, so “stay tuned”! Be sure to tell someone else that these resources are available.

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