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USATODAY Reports on the New NIV 2011

Revealing Words from NIV Translators Regarding Their Next Version


Thanks to Eric Johnson, Youth Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA for twittering the link to this article in USA Today. The article details the planned release of yet another NIV bible in 2011! The most amazing quote from the article was this:

“The scholars and publishers behind the world’s leading English language evangelical Bible announced Tuesday that they would publish a updated translation in 2011. ‘And we’ll make sure we get it right this time,’ says Keith Danby, president and chief executive officer of Biblica, once known as the International Bible Society.”

Astounding to think, by their own admission, that all the previous users of NIV bibles have apparently had a version that the translators didn’t “get right.” Twenty-five years or so from now, they’ll be saying the same thing about this new one as they unveil yet another translation. It’s a sad marketing scheme just to sell more bibles—a bit like “New Improved Ultra Tide.” Here’s the link to the rest of the article.

Update of popular ‘NIV’ Bible due in 2011 –

If you’d like to know the truth behind the modern day marketing madness of “new Bibles” you might want to read A More Sure Word available at

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