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What’s a Podcast?

Introducing Our Ministry Podcasts and How to Use Them


When it comes to technology and helpful tools, I’ve decided to quit making assumptions. After all, there was a day when I asked this same question—what in the world is a podcast?? (If you are already familiar with the concept, you might want to skip down to the descriptions of our present podcasts.) If you’re new to the word, then keep reading—this is really cool!

First—What’s a Podcast? A podcast is a broadcast that can be downloaded to your computer and music player (iPod, phone, etc.) and listened to at your convenience. Podcasts are free and the software to play them is free. They are easy to use, convenient, and give you access to a wealth of content! Frankly, podcasting has changed the world of broadcast media—giving access to audio and video programs on demand from our computers or handheld devices.

Second—How do you use a Podcast? Most podcasts are available through Apple’s free software iTunes. iTunes runs on both windows and mac computers. It can be downloaded here for free. Once iTunes is installed, you can search for a podcast. For instance, you can find all of our podcasts by simply searching for “Paul Chappell” in the iTunes store. Here’s a link to the Spiritual Leadership Podcast. From within iTunes you can subscribe to a podcast and tell iTunes (via settings) how often to check for and download new podcasts.

From there, you can sync iTunes with an iPod or iPhone and take your podcast programs with you. Once it’s set up, the whole process is seamless and frankly, awesome! Podcasting gives you control of your own content and makes it all available on demand—no matter where you are.

Introducing the Podcasts of Lancaster Baptist Church and Ministries:

Presently, our ministry offers four podcasts. They are offered freely as a resource for your edification. We have a great team of people who labor weekly to produce and publish these podcasts:

The Spiritual Leadership Podcast—for nearly 10 years, monthly subscribers have paid for this lesson and outline. Thanks to podcasting, we can now offer it at no charge. This monthly release features a challenging lesson on spiritual leadership, an interview with Dr. Chappell, and a complimentary outline that can be emailed to you. You can subscribe to the outline here.

The Daily in the Word Podcast—this is Dr. Chappell’s 26-minute daily radio program (also heard on 450 radio stations across America) and features Bible preaching and encouragement.

The Lancaster Baptist Video Podcast—this is the video of our weekly services—Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday nights—and is posted within a couple of days of the service.

The Lancaster Baptist Audio Podcast—this is the same as the video podcast but it’s only the audio. The files are smaller, for faster downloading.

If you haven’t started benefiting from podcasts—now is a great time. You can get them right now on your computer for free, or you can pick up an iPod and take them with you. Stay tuned to Lancaster Baptist Church and Striving Together Publications as we plan to expand our podcast efforts. Until then, we hope all four of our present podcasts will greatly encourage you!

Are you listening to our podcasts already? If so, let me know your thoughts. And maybe you know someone that could benefit from this article and our ministry podcasts…

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