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Living on God’s Economy—A Great Resource!

This is a small book that every Christian should read!


This is a new book from Dr. Paul Chappell that was made available in July. Most of our announcements spotlighted other projects, but this one is well worth being noticed and used! Pastor Chappell did a marvelous job of taking many years of studying, teaching, and preaching the message of God’s Word regarding stewardship and packaging it into a great, short read!

Right at 100 pages, this small, paperback book is ten short chapters and gives ten reasons to honor the Lord financially. We almost called this book, “Ten Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Give.” That’s the message in a nutshell. Regardless of economic indicators, Bible believing Christians should continue honoring the Lord with their resources, and this little book reminds us why.

If I were a pastor, I would give this book to every member of my church and ask them to read it. It would likely be a part of their new member’s packet when they join. It’s a quick, easy read—very biblical, very positive in tone, and very relevant in today’s economic environment.

Find out more about it here.

NOTE: If you are a Senior Pastor and would consider giving it to your church family, I would be happy to arrange a complimentary copy to be sent to you for your review. Send me an email request with your information.

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