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One of my primary goals in maintaining this blog is to share two types of resources—those that I found helpful personally, and those that we are laboring to provide for others through our ministry. This is one of the latter, so at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I hope you will use and enjoy Here’s the story  behind it:

Almost a year ago, we launched the first magazine edition of The Baptist Voice—a subscription based magazine with an amazing amount of labor, research, and development behind it. Response across the nation has been overwhelming!

A huge part of Pastor Chappell’s vision and heart is to help, encourage, and equip others in ministry. And our whole team at Striving Together Publications and West Coast Baptist College shares that vision in a huge way.

Due to focusing most of our attention on other resources, books, and things like the Spiritual Leadership Conference downloads, we haven’t said much about this site. A great team of guys have labored behind the scenes to bring The Baptist Voice online! On the site you will find a growing archive of articles and research that was originally published in the magazine. The entire website is complimentary, and over time, we pray it will become a helpful tool in your resource library.

Now—before you click away—stop and think of a few people who might benefit from this site, and consider sharing this article with them.

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