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Download Spiritual Leadership Conference—No Charge!

Over 100 Sessions Plus Videos—A Huge Resource for Christian Leaders!


This week it was our joy to host several thousand guests in Lancaster for our annual Spiritual Leadership Conference! What a wonderful week. We are delighted to be able to make the entire conference available soon as a complimentary download from This includes over 100 practical ministry training sessions (in multiple tracks of ministry focus—student leaders, secretaries, pastors, etc.) plus all the main preaching services from morning and evenings.

Sessions and services can be downloaded as individual MP3 files. This is a huge resource for spiritual leaders. Every one who attended the conference knows someone that we wish could have attended. Now we can share with others the things that equipped us in the work of God.

Also, the evening videos presented during the conference may be downloaded and used free of charge.

The conference is also available on CD’s (in MP3) format for a minimal charge of $25 if you just don’t want to download.

Help yourself! And, perhaps more importantly—spread the word. Consider sharing this post online, tweeting about it, or emailing it to a friend who could benefit from this wealth of information. Click a link below to submit to other sites or forward to a friend. We pray that more people than ever will benefit from the conference through this opportunity!

One final note: Several on our tech team labored many extra hours to get these materials prepared and available so quickly! They deserve much thanks for their great efforts!

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  • Thank you for making these available. Only eternity would tell the impact that these resources would make!

  • I just would like to personally thank you and Striving Together Publications, and of course Dr.. Chappell for making all these resources available online. This will be a great help in our ministry here in the Philippines.Our staff would be encouraged listening to these sessions and preachings. (I am on staff under Dr. Ed Laurena.)
    Your labour is not in vain in the Lord!

  • What a help! Thank you so much for making these available!

  • I have been blessed by the messages that I have heard from this conference. Is there anyway to save these to an audio cd? I am on the go a lot and that is the easiest way for me to hear them. If not I would gladly pay for an mp3 cd.
    Thanks Brother Schmidt for posting these.

  • We sure do look forward to listening to some of the sessions. God bless your ministry and families. We are praying for you.

  • Thank you so much! I really wanted to be at the conference but I am just too far from the States. This is a blessing to be able to hear good messages and lessons even when I am Belarus.
    Bible Baptist Church, Zhodino, Belarus


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