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Why I’m Thankful for a Godly Wife

On Her Birthday, I Say, “Thank You!”


Today is my wife’s birthday, so in honor of her, I want to share a few things that I really love in her. As we near our 20th wedding anniversary, I can’t believe how much more I love her today than I ever thought possible. This is a short list—for truly it could be much, much longer.

She’s godly—I love being married to a lady who loves the Lord and allows her love for the Lord to flow into every other relationship and responsibility.

She’s shared the vision—she’s always understood what the Lord’s will is for our lives and she’s given her whole heart completely and in faith, to allow the Lord to accomplish His vision for our lives and home.

She’s simply a wonderful wife—I believe love in a marriage is strongest when you realize your spouse loves you in spite of who you are. This is how Dana loves me. Though I’ve often disappointed her, she looks beyond those failures and loves me faithfully—which has compelled me more than anything else to grow and ask God to make me the husband she deserves.

She’s a gifted mother—Dana’s heart truly beats for the Lord, her husband, and her children. She’s has so tirelessly given herself to them for nearly 18 years. Her sacrifice defies description.

She’s a faithful co-laborer—whether it’s hosting groups in our home, counseling a teen girl, helping plan a youth activity, teaching a class, taking a group soulwinning, or just embracing life in the “fish-bowl” of ministry—she’s embraced my call as her own. It’s awesome to serve the Lord together.

She’s a talented home-maker—it’s an awesome experience to just come home every evening to such a delightful environment. Her heart is in her home and for her family in an amazing way. Home truly is a special, delightful place.

She’s funny—she keeps her family in constant laughter because of her antics, funny sayings, air-headed comments, and delightful personality. We most appreciate that she laughs at herself.

She’s just my best friend—we never get tired of spending time together, and when we’re apart, we’re counting the minutes until we’re back together. Being with her is my favorite thing in life. She’s made this husband one very blessed, very happy, and very well-cared for man.

To that end—I simply say, “Happy Birthday, Best Friend!” You truly are the BEST!

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.” —Proverbs 18:22

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  • Pray that my wife will become more like this and that I will become an even better husband for her. God bless.


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