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Spiritual Leadership Podcast Now Live!

A Complimentary Monthly Spiritual Leadership Lesson from Dr. Paul Chappell


For several months now, our team has been planning and preparing for the launch of a new podcast from Pastor Chappell—The Spiritual Leadership Podcast. After much planning and work, the first four lessons of this podcast are now available as a free subscription through iTunes. You can read more about it and subscribe by visiting The Pastor’s Perspective. Previously released lessons will post once per month on iTunes.

If these podcasts prove to be an encouragement to you and you would like to receive the newest lessons, consider becoming a part of the Striving Together Monthly subscription which also includes regular mailings of new Sunday School curriculum, lesson outlines, and additional benefits throughout the year. You can find out more about the subscription here: Striving Together Subscription.

For over a decade, hundreds of Pastors across the country have received this subscription every month! This podcast opens up the door for many more to receive past lessons on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a lesson on a particular topic related to ministry leadership, visit the Spiritual Leadership Lesson Library where the lessons can be downloaded directly from Striving Together.

We pray that this new resource will encourage many spiritual leaders to keep doing ministry in a Christ-honoring way!

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